Condominiums are well known for their chic floor outlay, luxury finishing, and prime location, this is the main reason why most of the people prefer to buy them instead of living in an independent house. After considering the changing preferences of Singaporeans, CapitaLand developers have built beautiful condominiums at District 3 near Outram Park MRT. The total area of One Pearl Bank is around 82,376 square feet and it is close to several attractions in the city. Thus, you will get a great living experience.

Opportunities which a resident of One Pearl Bank can acquire

Great facilities at the premises

Inside One Pearl Bank, you will get an opportunity of functional rooms, which have luxury finishing and an ample amount of spacing. This will provide you great ease in organizing different types of family events and corporate meetings. These rooms are soundproof and are equipped with the latest technologies, thus you don’t have to fret about a thing.

At the project premises, you can also get access to the swimming pool along with a lush green belt where you can meditate or take a brisk evening walk. There is also a rooftop restaurant that allows you to enjoy dinner with your family along with the majestic viewsOne can even acquire the facility of the gymnasium at the premises.

Excellent food and café

Around the township, you can easily access various food stalls and local market which provides fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat products. If you have planned for a weekend outing then there are many luxurious restaurants which serve excellent ethnic and exotic dishes. One can go to various hawker centers at Red Hill Market, Alexandra Village, Tiong Bahru, etc.

If you like to have a sip of delicious coffee and slack after your daily work then you could visit several café centers to get refreshment. You can visit Tiong Hoe or Forty hands and can have a wide range of coffee. Along with great beverages these cafes also serve gourmet dishes like salad, burger or pizza.

Show flat services

It is very essential for a buyer to have a look at the condo in advance which he or she is planning to purchase. After considering this viewpoint CapitaLand developers have organized a show flat service in which potential buyers will get to know about the One Pearl Bank Pricing through executives.

Furthermore, executives will also make them aware of discounts which are offered to early buyers. You will also get a chance to acknowledge different types of papers which are essential during the time of purchase. Professionals will also make you have a look at the model of the condo, thus you will get an idea about the spacing and design.

Opportunities for fun-filled activities

People like to visit clubs and bars during weekends and on their vacation. Around the project site, you will get an excellent facility for different types of pubs and clubs where you could chill out with your friends and have a great deal of fun and entertainment. Few pubs and clubs to visit are American, Tangling club and Thirsty Craft Beer Store.