Majority of individuals all their memories, their entire lives, everything about them all on their cell phones, and it can easily be misplaced or stolen, right? However, this is an issue with very simple solutions. Tracking the location of a cell phone for free is very easy, and with a piece of precise information from the website, you can acquire the location of a cellphone for free, whether it is stolen or lost. It is advised that you read on to discover how you can go about tracking a cell phone location for free.

Tracking an iPhone location for free through Find My iPhone

One of the most excruciating fear is that of losing an iPhone. This is most definitely because it is very expensive, and there’s no other phone in the market that is compatible which iOS devices. So if in any case, you lose an iPhone, you are left with no other option but to scrounge around to buy yet another overpriced Apple device, even if it is somewhat difficult to afford! So let us begin with offering you the solution for this fear. The location of your iPhone can easily be tracked for free using find my iPhone. This application without a doubt assists in locating any stolen or lost output device.

Tracking a Samsung phone location free

Uncovering the location of a Samsung phone for free is very simple similar to that of an iPhone. In actual fact, the features and procedures for both have so much in common. If you’re an Android user, most manufacturers will have you install a separate mobile phone application to assist in tracking your mobile phone location for free. However, Samsung Galaxy users are offered an important feature called Find My Mobile, it is designed to assist in tracking your device’s location for free using nothing but a Samsung account. Just in case you have not gone through the previous part, you will find it below.

Features of Find My Mobile:

  • Wipe the device clean
  • Locking the device remotely.
  • GPS tracking
  • Broadcast a siren signal to inform those close to it.

The Legality of Tracking Strangers

Making use of a GPS to acquire the location of a cell phone is more of an illegal practice and also an invasion of privacy. Legal exceptions do exist, such as parents been able to track the phones of their children and employers being permitted to track the location of their workers using a GPS device. However, it is somewhat illegal to install a tracking device or software on a person’s phone without their consent. When you stalk someone using a GPS, it is important you are aware of the fact that such acts punishable by federal and state laws. This is one of the reasons why carriers block a GPS chip from being accessible by third parties.

Finding Lost or Stolen Phones

It is important you are aware that the lawfulness of anti-theft software for GPS is still being determined, nonetheless; users can still install applications that run in the background and can also be enabled remotely, such as what is found in the Apple iPhone. These applications very they are full of functionality, they can send out a text message to a backup number providing the devices GPS coordinates, lock the device, reformat the device’s memory and get rid of the data on the SIM card.