There are many people who argue whether to buy an individual house or to live in a condominium. Though there are many controversies and myths regarding living in a condo all in all it adds charm to your social status and gives your family a great chance to live in peace. If you are planning to purchase a condominium, it is advised to buy them from Piermont Grand as they offer a wide range in condos from economic pricing to luxury ones.

Myths which you might have heard before

Have no space for pets

It is a common misconception in the minds of buyers that most of the condominiums do not allow you to keep pets. You can find many condos’ which will allow you to keep dogs, cats, parrots, etc. as pets. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the premises clean and to provide proper vaccination to their beloved pets on a regular basis.

Condos are compact

There are many buyers who prefer to buy houses in well established metropolitan cities as they consider that condos are compact as people have to share walls with their immediate neighbors. On the contrary, condominiums have various floor plans, thus they are ideal for singles, couples as well as well established families. In condominiums, you will also acquire open floor planning which will make your place more spacious and airy.

Lack of privacy

This is one of the major concerning issues with which many companies have to deal with and prefer not to invest their money in condominiums. Most of the builders take great care of the fact that they provide balconies and window outlay in each building so that the residents get impeccable privacy. Condominiums are also equipped with latest one-sided view windows which won’t allow prying eyes to breach your privacy.

Stringent rules

It is another misconception due to which many buyers don’t want to live in condos. Builders set rules for their buildings which provide aid in keeping them neat and tidy. These rules are for the benefits of the residents as they also provide them impeccable security from property damage and theft. Furthermore, condos also have many other facilities like a lounge, mailboxes, round the clock reception and lift services.

Buildings get demolished after a certain time period

Well, in this case, a building has to fulfill a few categories; firstly, it is not suitable for living, secondly if a single person has acquired more than 50% of total units inside of a building. If these categories are fulfilled by any apartment then they get demolished. The government does this for the safety of the residents as they could get prone to illegal activities or the building may collapse. So, you need to be attentive when making an investment.

Issues with parking space

In a condominium, you will be offered a basement where you can easily park your vehicles and prevent them from theft or acts of vandalism. Furthermore, condominiums also have around the clock CCTV surveillance and security guards which protect your property during night time. Moreover, the builders also provide extra parking space so that the guests of residents can park their vehicles in an efficient manner.