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2007 Update My Home Built Hard Tail Chopper

  As many of you know, I built my bike in 2001 with help from the crew at Tans Cycles. Since then Iíve put on around 50,000 miles. I base that on the 5 front tires, and 10 rear tires I used up. I have also replace the speedometer twice, and broken the odometer in both. Thus the tire milage theory.

  In the mean time I was fortunate to meet Rusty of Rusty Rides (formerly known as S.M.City Motorsports). He has helped me fix all that was, and went wrong along the way. He is one hell of a motorcycle technician, not to mention an artist when it comes to cutting and welding, and his talents donít stop there. He loves problem solving, and engineering. He has built many award winning bikes, and his friends are loyal and many. So when I came up with a brain storm to put a full size Corbin leather police seat, and a sissy bar on my bike, he was the man I went to.

  Rusty likes my ratty old bike, and he likes me, but he had his reservations about this fat seat. Still and all he helped make the best of a questionable situation. When we first mounted the seat with the original hardware it did look out of place. The original 5 inch heavy duty springs had me sitting high. The ride was great, and it even handled better. But it looked like shit. I road it that way till I located some 4 inch springs.

  On the next go round Rusty pondered the situation then did some masterful surgery to the bracket assembly, lowered and reallocated of the frame mount, and added the new softer 4 inch springs. In the end he seemed to have lowered the seat by 2 inches. Now it looks great, and it is still cushy. No more pot holes slamming my spine.

  If you havenít already, check out the photos for more details and captions by clicking on them. Also read about some of the other adventures with my home built hard tail, and Rustyís fixes. If you need help give him a ring 301.863.6499.

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