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Why Build Your Own Bike?

  Youre wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to build their own bike, unless you’re one of the few who has actually done it yourself. You will not save any coin unless youre a mechanic with lots of free tools, especially if you consider what your time is worth. It will seriously eat up personal, family, and riding time, unless your a hermit living in the North Pole. The answer lies somewhere between creativity, and insanity. There is no logical reason that will make most folks believe you. If you are still interested, I will tell you my reasons for this painful pleasure.

  I started riding in the 60s, and all my bikes were pieced together rat bikes. I never owned a new bike, and most the parts I bought had a thick layer of oily dirt on them. Before I go to the big swap meet in the sky, I wanted a bike that was brand spanking new. I looked around and found lots of scoots that I liked, but none of them were me. Then I spied Custom Chrome’s Hard Core Chopper Kit. First it was a whisper, then it shouted out, Build Me . On the most part it had everything I liked. It spanned my biking experience, 60s chopper with 2001 refinements. Of course I had to modify it, and put on a couple of used parts.

  There are some advantages to building your own bike. First is you can do it your way, right, or wrong from the beginning. You might end up with allot less expensive parts that will need storing, or selling. You will know whos to blame when the front wheel falls off, or when you hit the starter, why the left turn signal flashes. If your lucky like me to have knowledgeable mechanics for friends, you can have some fun working together, on each other’s nerves. Truly, there is no satisfaction like knowing you did it yourself. When all is said, and done, and your bleeding knuckles have healed, you can blast down the road with pride.

  Would I recommend this adventure to others? For the few crazies out there like me, Yep! For the rest of you, let me tell you a short story. I had a poor brother in-law who is an honest lawyer. One day I was helping him do some home repairs. He turned to me, and said I wish I was handy with tools like you, so I could do this myself”. My reply was, Be the best damn lawyer you can be, make lots of money, and hire someone else”. He now makes more money than he can count, while Im the one with dirty hands. I don’t know which is best, though I wish some times I would listen to my own advice.

  Good Luck,

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