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New Yearís Day Ride 2011

  It has been a bitterly cold, wet and windy winter. With Holidays, family, and the flu, not much has been happening in my life other than a couple of benefit gatherings, and of course book sales. So when the Calvert County Chapter of ABATE , and friends put on a spur of moment New Yearís Day Ride I was there like white on rice.

  We werenít suppose to meet until 12 noon, but I was biting at the bit, and left the house a little after 10 AM, and spent the next 2 hours meandering around the back roads of Southern Maryland enjoying the scenery, and the above freezing temperature. Between the misty conditions, and all the salt that was on the road, my bike and I looked like a pretzel when we showed at our Renegade Classics. Soon other friends came riding in, and we had a pack of V-twin pretzels ready to roll.

There something about the sound and smell of a v-twin on a cool wet day. Multiply that by 20 or so, and you have quite a sensory impression. It didnít matter where we were headed, we were headed out as a pack of rumbling two wheelers into the New Year as friends doing what we love best. Fact is we were going to Hollywood for a burger. Hollywood , Maryland that is, and the name of the place was Cheeseburger Paradise. Those of you who know me will tell you malls, and spiffy new restaurants arenít my thing. But, I was with friends, the burgers were not half bad, and the management let us take over half the dining room. All and all we had a good time swapping tales, catching up with old and new friends. Now if you want the best burger in Southern Maryland, Adams Ribs in Prince Frederick. That is where Calvert County ABATE has their monthly meeting. I too am not much of a meeting kind of a guy, but they are great folks, the food is good, and itís a worthy cause. ABATE by the way is your state level defense against unfair biker laws. Make a New Yearís resolution to get involved. Even if you do not participate on a legislative level, your membership counts. Besides, we have lots of fun all year long. Happy New Year!

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living the life
30 years in the making, personalized & signed by Q-Ball can order here



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