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209A Blues
by Mizblooze56
Nov 3, 2004
The phone number
was changed
I lived for ten long-ass days
as a prisoner in my own home-
like a deer-in-the-headlights
terrified subhuman thing-
all because of YOUR creative
ability to be a ranting creature
from below-soused in suds-a monster;
a woman-hating/scaring less than 4 legged ANIMAL-
a slow,deep throttled, almost submarine from the bigone
vtwin engine made a trip
around the circle
of buildings that is my home
(and home to 70 year olds and other crips)
so slow
oh, so slowly-there was no mistakin' that vtwin-
and it was
after the sun was wayyyyyy down
pitch black sky
and I,
hiding behind curtains
wishing for a sawed-off
waiting for the sub-lingual tranq to melt
and knowing
it was
NO FRIEND of mine.........
my friends BOMB around
the circle(neighbors' dentures rattling)
drive madly upon my lawn
horns blarin'
and screamin
"hey wit!!!! wake the f#$% up!"
no-this was a vtwin spyboat mission
a warning ride
from YOU
reciever of the PINK PAPER
from the judge
telling ME
youre out there
as IF I didnít know!
and I should be careful
the judge just gave me
another PINK PAPER
'magine that!
so, this scared
fat lady ain't singin' so fast
and your uboatvtwin can circle
and circle(better get some sea-sick pills)
for another 365 nights
I aint goin' down
and I aint goin' down in flames
or easilly.


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