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Your visage repels them, their heads soon shall turn,
The trembling masses, unknowing they yearn.
Lemmings and sheep in tune to the call,
of pundits and jokers and leaders who fall,
Into the chasm, mediocrities lure,
As you ride so free under skies bright, azure.

You'll never succumb to their cold, sterile way,
A Biker you're born, A Biker you'll stay.

Your leather and colors are sewn to your heart,
No man, bitch, nor beast can ever them part.
From your vital essence, your courage, your soul
Comes a freedom so vibrant, disdains all control.
Building such passion, your own caustic brew,
No force on God's earth here can ever eschew.

A burning, a yearning, how strong you can't say,
A Biker you're born, A Biker you'll stay.

Onward you travel, the miles they roll by,
Horizons are calling, cajoling they cry,
A siren's allure, cattle prod to your soul,
There can be no resistance, your heart it controls.
Two wheels has your chariot, bright chrome, paint, and steel.
It's fiction, addiction, such you can't conceal.

Your fix is its rumble, your jones is today,
A Biker you're born, A Biker you'll stay.

The big-titted waitresses, old truck stop sluts,
They tease you, they please you, still wrenching your gut,
You know they won't muster, can't fulfill your soul,
You dally, with Sally, but soon you must roll,
Down life's two-lane highway so sweetly it calls,
Its song's in your heart, in your head, in your balls.

She's your lustful lover, this temptress who'll say,
A Biker you're born, A Biker you'll stay.

The miles you tally, the payments come due.
Life's meter is running, yet much left to do.
So many horizons, so many more laughs,
But Old Time he smiles, he sharpens his gaff.
You're faded, so jaded, and yet you drive on,
But Time holds the ticket, your life that's in pawn.

You'll soon be his bounty, his court will hold sway,
A Biker you're born, A Biker you'll stay.

Do not speak in platitudes, shed not a tear.
Your throttle's wide open for life you hold dear.
Times balance ignored, all your memories pay,
For the miles yet to come and the rolls in the hay.
You've had what you've had, now if payment is owed,
You'll wring all the best from each day, from the road.

A smile on your face, Time reflects, as you say,
A Biker I'm born, A Biker I'll stay.

Copyright 2002
Bruce "Bulldog" Dowling


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Check Out Our New
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