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Our friend & poet, Mizblooze56 is having knee replacement surgery at
New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Ave, Boston July 6, 2004 at 8 am.
Your prayers and email are appreciated.   Mizblooze56 weakkneez@msn.com



I Got Dem Ole Mean n Clean Blues
by Mizblooze56 Medford Mass

I thought you really
were something special.
What you ARE is a mirror image
of me if I had kept on
(and had grown balls and a killer 'stache!).
Yes-I found you interesting
yes, you're smart-and good lookin' too
But-the BOOZE is much smarter
and MORE powerful
than ANY VTWIN your
scrawny ass will ever
climb on top of........
and now- I'm seriously afraid
for others, too.
A drunk-out of control
first with the drink,
and blind behind the windshield,handlebars,pipes, all that sweet chrome-well-you know.....
and a drunk on a scoot
thinkin he's safe, doin
90 up or down US1 out of control-drivin sideways
+ with his inability to make a rational decent decision
when they steryotype
"us bikers"-
theyre lookin' RIGHT STAIGHT at YOU.
yeah YOU
(don't turn around!!!you'll still be there!)
yeah, you, man.
Climbin on an 800+ pound iron horse loaded(you)
to the fuckin gills
and unable to even WALK STRAIGHT. let alone
ride that mighty horse
straight down that road-
safe, without
endangerin' all of US......
and yeah, I understand its hot out, the babes look righteous,
you wanna new tat, you wanna be in the wind
you wanna hear that mighty engine roar-
you wanna buzz through town.......
let 'em all know big bad Lee's back.
babe-lissen up-staight up-no chaser-
you wanna ride a hearse
or a harley?
cause vokka don't mix withan evo.
vokka and YOU don't mix. and never did.
you stink like you rolled out a Pine Street this mornin'
you look like you done up and died and came back for one mo' shot-of DEATH(soda back, please)
give it UP,BRO.
or you WILL
find your ass
wrapped 'round a guardrail, side a the road, gumball lights a flashin'
flashlight in your face(if you're still with us)
and the mom and baby in the Chevy that YOU broadsided
may make it-may not
and you're goin'
"huh? I don't remember a thing"
I doubt it. none of us do.
s'why we drive and ride clean and serene.


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