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Rolling Thunder

Riding through the desert
Rock walls rise to catch our sound,
Captured by a thunder,
reflecting off the ground.
Chased by a shadow,
one past cast by two.
Running to a freedom,
known by just a few.
Our souls are united
As we race to an unknown end
Our journey is almost finished
A new life now begins.
From everywhere to anywhere
We fly upon the ground ..
Rolling thunder...Sunset bound!


The big plan

I doubt I'll get to heaven with an invite from the man,
so I parked my bike grabbed a beer and built myself this plan!
I'm building myself a ramp as tall as ever seen,
I'll supercharge my Harley, and add a couple wings!
Timing will be critical, Speed will factor in, angle and approach
and Ill whistle me a hymn!
Then one day when my journey is coming to its end,
Open up them pearly gates cause this bikers jumpin in!



Three months down and no end in sight.
One angry driver and I pay the price!
Didn't even see me He swore he looked twice!
Standing tall as I fall He lies as I bleed,
His story put me at excessive speed!
Buying the story with only one side told
I wonder if she knows her reputation was sold?
Six weeks later scars still wont close
Blamed and forgotten I wonder if he knows?
Fighting for the truth I announce I'm still here
I prove that I'm right without one trace of fear!
I wish I could have been there
When he heard that they knew
Not one of his words were taken as true!
Now Im rebuilding Bikes ready to run
I cant wait to show that I'm down but not done!


Lone wolves are near

A lone wolf glares and protects its domain.

The chosen few who run by its side,

are tightly bound by an Ancient Pride.

Together they hunt as a group they ride,

even while apart there side by side.

As Twilight signals, the time has now come,

the pack lets go, the Lone Wolves Run.

Tread with caution under moonlit skies,

As the weak fall victim, to a Lone Wolves eyes.

Many are sheep who flock side by side,

By fear they are bound as if they were tied!

Running solo the Lone wolves are near,

Holding with pride what the Flock most fears!


She draws me

The day I made the deal,
she she completely blew my mind!

"Who in hell does she think she is"?
I have to make her mine!

Wicked, wild, she draws me,
Deep into her life, I dare!

Alone, unappreciated, rejected,
Unloved and still,
I care!


No ones waiting here

What will be your fate
When your twisted mask unwinds?
Deception masks beginnings
but fails all tests of time!
What lies in waiting,
when you have to stand alone?
Running escapes some truths,
but never ends at home!

Searching I ask these questions,
trying to see your soul
Finding the answers hide in places
you've only seen alone!
I wonder if you've noticed
while glancing back in fear
No one bothers chasing now,
No ones waiting here!


The above poems were all written by Gunnar Hassenplug aka Gundawg



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