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You feel the road different, on a hardtail you see,
some will never understand that exactly like me.
they think a ride should be smooth as silk,
but, me, that would make it boring as plain milk.

I can feel the road through the seat of my ride,
I can sense the connection deep inside,
of me and the roads, the ones that I travel,
the ones that let all the worries unravel.

"But it vibrates and bounces and seems sorta rude,"
say those who ride others, who think my ride crude,
"you can't ride a hardtail like you can my whatever"
"It'll beat you till yer nothing but a lump covered in leather."

This aint so, and I will stand by what I say,
for I have ridden 600 miles for many a day,
and never have I unfolded, from the seat with anticipation,
of having a new ride with the newest suspension.

Hardtails aint for all, now this much it true,
whats fine for me, might be hell for you,
To me, it's solid, and has the feel of life,
sort of like the 33 years with my wife.
I love them both, the Mrs, and the bike,
and until I die, they will be what I like.

Preacher 2004


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