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A Harley Girls Dream
They wink they flirt, they do burn out's all the while try to catch that bitchs eye.
 Yes there old and some walk with a cane. From all of there stupid mistake's
But when that engine roars and the highway whines they are back in time.
 I know there belly's rest on the Tank and when there Drunk they can't get up there
crank. But when someone walks by and says hey nice Bike. They are back in time.
 And could spend the night just talkin about there Bike over and over again. They know deep down without there Bike around they could never get the chicks they bring around.But to hear them talk as they slurp down there Hot wings it just make a harley girl's heart sing. And when they burp that long felt beer hey as a women you just wouldn't want to be any where but there. And heck after they had you a few time's they start
to walk through Ralleys lagging way behind. Don't feel bad it's all party of the harley
girls dream as your also now able to throw a few winks. And don't fret when the day
comes that your left at home alone as there's always Biker's that couldn't go. Yea it's
all part of a Harley girls dream just to get on that Vibrating Machine......
                                     Michele Carnevali
                                     (Harley Michele)                                                               harleymichele40@yahoo.com

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