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Harley Girl

 I am a Harley Girl born to ride the freedom I feel as I am by your side.
That open road is yours and mine.
 I am your Harley Girl for all times.
There is no shame to sit behind because you have been the man of
my dreams for a longtime.
 No one will know the places we have been all of the happiness that
comes from within.
 I will ride in the sun or even the rain for I am your Harley Girl and I
know I am insane.
 When I get on the back of your red bike it sends my mind into a flight.
The love of the road is burning inside the freedom I want the joy of the ride,
but best of all I will stay true for I am your Harley Girl born to be with you...

                                 by: Tina Callaway
                                 for Brent Love Your
                                   Harley Girl                                                             Afiremansgirlc4@aol.com


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