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The Ironhorse Writer

The fog crept intently
Hindering his advance
Evening's curtain enclosed upon
Any hope or chance

Of getting home sometime tonight
Riding all the way through
Lessons of fate are often best taught
When the night takes hold of you

A well worn bedroll beside his scoot
'Nemesis', its name
A spray painted Viking, Cowboy and Knight
A Biker, who'd not be the same

That moment twixt wake and sleep
The threshold of one's mind
A doorway to what lies ahead
Of lives, long left behind

A distant rumble met his ear
A dream? Were it but a sound
Sleep would surely have arrived
Were it not for the trembling ground

He stood and stared into the dark
An unyielding fog at bay
Louder grew the rumbling din
Something was coming his way

Far to long he's rode the wind
Wrenched as many years
Whatever this was, drawing close
It wasn't shifting gears

The Biker chose to stand his ground
For him, there was no choice
An eerie silence settled in
That is, until the voice

It came to him from every side
A hollow, empty tone
As it spoke, he realized
It wanted him alone

"You who've chosen a righteous path
Upon a Steel Steed
Destiny this night does bring
That which you must heed"

"Born in the shadow of Brotherhood
Sworn eternally
Oaths taken upon our lives
Warriors of the Free"

"Truth, ever an ally to fate
Strength lies in destiny
Upon you, our Brother, we bestow
The Gift of Legacy"

The Biker's eyes had opened
"That was one hell of a dream
Damn thing felt so real
Strange as it may seem"

Fog had cleared, was time to ride
Gear was packed up tight
Had to check his scoot once more
Something wasn't right

The Biker stared in disbelief
Fate's words of Destiny
Below the Viking, Cowboy and Knight
Read, 'The Gift of Legacy'

Copyright 2000/2003 LaurenceP.Scerri (The Ironhorse Writer) All Rights Reserved
See more of his poetry here http://ironhorse.topcities.com/


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