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The Orlando St. Box

here i am in california
where ever the hell that is
him lffl gangster, me a ghetto queen
whatever the hell that is

i sit on a block wall outside my apartment
watching the harleys growl past
affiliations are his best department
el cajon is my present not past

i finally met me a genuine h. a.
what i like the best is the long hair and leather
red and white be the colors they sport
the bike, hell yeah, it's beautiful too
hey pal, nice to meet you
hope it won't be in waiting at court

'coz out here in this capital  sunny as hell
an angel has clout, but folks try to sell
out their objects of envy
for less time or money
whichever is suit

but buying a pig's grace
ain't never been cute
and i know tho they say that the harley's a bike
and the long haired, silent mobster
can do what he like
he might just end up with the same judge as me
on donner, on dancer, on snitches, on spree
how goes the adage, turn three and go free?

but harley's can take a licking
apparently so can the h.a.
and my time just keeps on ticking
past the wall of my day
as i watch  one more biker rumbles the air
i keep what i know of the klanhood
and hope they are treated fair

coz i may be a distant cousin
a pusher to be exact
but in this town a dirty dozen
is eleven and that's a fact

and just like the harley davidson
has a book full of special 'specs'
the rider, the gangster, the poor ghetto queen
are still part of this town's scene

and you want 'em?  you got 'em.  Effects?
das effects

W. S. Reichard
Copyright 2002


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