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Burn O mighty Wind
Mark my skin with
Whispers of my tomorrow
Burn me in into my birth

Pity not the face that
Bears your caress
Of fury and mist
For it is i who chose to ride
To meet with thee

Speak to me then, O Wind
Speak and may your whispers be long,
As long as the horizon before me,
And a day

Speak! for my heart dances
to the madness of the Twin it mounts
...and it dares
What has been forbidden

I have known you
By night and by sun
By ice and by fire
And yet you keep silent

Is this your way, O Wind?
To lure me into your emptiness
Full of truth--my truth
To have me seek and not find

O Wind, what fool you are!
Know you not that so long
The road goes, till then
My passion flows

If not today then, tomorrow
Ay, you will speak
And my truth i will meet
By the noon hour, burning by the sun

(C) Rabih El-Khoury
a.k.a. Soldier & Sea


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