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 the polack and the panny

came back from the nam
all full a scrapnel and
1.50 medals.
don't know where he met her
he did.
the kid was born- named him harley-
how perfect
for that perfect babe.a
car'd back fire-he'd hit the deck faster'n a
slug offa that bottle he grabbed for every mornin'.
mos' days, he'd be out back wrenchin the old rigidframer..
it couldnt ever be perfect enough.

one day-they got hitched-legal-like..
him-a grey suited penguin-maroon cumberbund;\
bikerboots peakin' out from under the too-long pants
(he hated this get-up anyhow)
she-in a filenes basement special..what a pair!
as usual
he pushed the panny
up to the top of our little curved hill,
dove on(did i hear a rip in those pants?)
and kicked her over...she dove on behind
gown touched upon now by grease-oh well..life in the big city
she thinks..
grandma holdin the babe
and wavin'-"good luck kids-she yelled out"
(above the roar of that engine, fartin, spittin, and cussin')
a tear running
down her cheek...
spurned on by the shot of jim beam-
or was it just motherly love?
off they went
headed for that chapel in the clouds..
HER wish.
he'd rolled his eyes in agreement(without her seein')
as usual.
long's theres gonna be plentya beer he says to himself.
and so the day happened:
the joining of them-
the startledwideyed nam vet bikerdrunkard
and his
woman, their babe, and
the panny(rigid framer)
made a swell family of three.
a small home in east somerville
a pickup w/a trailer-
bbq in the back,
pool for the rug rat,
garage for his tools and assorted bike parts
he'd never use..
long as no loud noises were made
long as the va check came
long as SHE fixed his supper on time...
hey-this aint too bad he thought to himself...
damn-i aint never gon' wear one a them monkey suits again.
when they bury me-
throw me in the ground w/the panny
a sixer of bud,
my draft card,
and that sweet picture of
raquel welch-
i'll be all set. oh-dont forget that pic of my kid bein born..
and the one of my dad taken at the vfw
when he got home from the big one-
of course
she aint so bad-
she puts up with this crazed old polack.
'says somethin. right?




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