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i'm chopper wired baby
i'm a fifties model baby
i got class and i got style
i got chrome and i got rubber
come ride on me a while

ain't no fancy wire harness
as runs this slick machine
i'm chopper wired baby
kick me over make me scream

throw yer leg across me baby
where do ya feel my thunder
i'm low and lean and mean
i'm a bobtailed lightning wonder

i been stretched and i been lowered
i been dropped and i been rode
it's been fifty years of highway baby
but i ain't feelin old

i'm a fifties model baby
drop yer ass down on my seat
squint yer eyes and hang on tighter
feel my howling blue chrome heat

i'm a hardtail model baby
for your hard riding predeliction
you crave the way i tear you up
high octane fueled addiction

ride me til yer shakin baby
ride me til we're dry
i'm an old school little badass bitch
so come give me a try


Blaze Elliott



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Check Out Our New
Biker Books, DVDs, Music, Goodies, & Gifts

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