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woman under the influence: moon or harleytime???

ears pricked up.
like a dog who hears its master slam the garage door shut.
i can hear that engine a 1/4 mile away....yeah-its
spring-when a girls'heart turns to
milwaukee steel.
only THIS GIRL can't ride just yet.
just dream....
next spring, i say to myself. maybe.
visions of leather saddle-bags, chaps, chrome...
just dreams..chapter 7 i gotta remember.
yeah, right..
no financin' for this chiquita-and i am NOT
gonna be no bitch on the back. no way. nope. sorry.
hormones raging. bikes, boys, babes, beers-oops
no beers.
my "friends" comin'...
always get like this.
rebel with some kinda cause..unsure of which one.
cause i got a cause i suppose.
thahs' good. a cause. cause we gotta get them boys home. cause
i gotta get laid really soon. cause i gotta get new knees.
cause i gotta get published. cause i gotta-hey-
i gotta live and breathe in safety. period.
stay sober. stay clean. stay aware of myself and my needs.the true
not the
needs of
i lost track for a bit.
sieze the moment.
seize the time.
huey newton-
are you still with me?
john one-joint-ten-years-sinclair
are YOU still with me?
i meant it back then-
do i mean it now?
hueys flyin low; peace signs flyin' high-are they
still in me?
is all the passion i felt
for my bro's in the nam-
is it there for my bro's and now my
in the middle east-
is it still with me? in me? can i still scream it out-
and mean it. stop the war.stop
my war.
seize my moments and hold them close.
i got some kind of cause to say out:
i'm here. i have a right to BE here.
there WILL be a harley-davidson with
susans name tatooed into its seat-one seat.
its a moment-a-time.
a pain-pill-at-a-time.
a crutch-to-walk-with-at-a-time.
for now...
yes-my ears pricked up-
and they always will. i won't go diving under
a chair for safety from anyone.
no bike ever harmed me.
no man drivin a bike ever harmed me.
it was usually the
of the man
around this time of the month,this time of the year-the memories,
they get confused. who
it WAS spring-the first time it happened.
and just CAUSE....it did?
doesnt mean
i gotta run.
its over..the wars' over.
peace-time now.
so when
i hear that engine roarin'...its ok.
if i squint-
i can see, me-
on the seat
hair flyin', grinning-
and cause i'm free
i am me.susan, all grown up-and.....
under the influence.
of the moon.

(miz)blooze56 4/6/04



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