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Aaaaaaah sweet Lee, you've gone and done it............

man of leather,
man of flames skulls and blues-
and lets not forget Hot Rats, too.
you've gone and grabbed my heart-squeezed ever so
gently-tugged, every so needingly(come'eer woman)..
and purred into my ear-(the left one usually)
so sweetly- a songbird in an h-d t shirt.
i cant sleep eat shit scratch read sing hear the blues without
your name
in the words-theyre just in there.
when i scratch, its your nails doin it; when i eat-its your hands
that've prepared the feast-
even if its cheerios. if i read-theyre your words on the page
leapin out at me-
i love you woman
i love you woman
over and over
as if youre the bad boy at the chalkboard after school-
scrawling 500 times:(resentfully, of course!)
"i will not pull maryjane donovans' hair again"
ahh, sweet Lee, man of gourmet plates placed before
the starving patrons
willing to pay top-dollar for your talented craetions-and i
sit here-willing to never pay-but to dontate
my heart soul lips,
sweet inked pierced hidden places-
yes, i am quite willing to give them all up for/to you.
yes sweet Lee, man of ECMF...
man of Dot Ave
hat hiding balding head
and i think you know what I WILL means.
you've taken this old heart of mine,
broken over and over crushed under foot and million more
and held it infront of you-an above you-as if to give it up to the
ahh sweet father sky mother earth-
help this woman see i wil not ever cause her harm
never break what ive got dripping in my hand,
blood on my cons...
ahh sweet Lee, man of the streets-back roads, riots and protests;
of runs and rallys; of barstools and bar rooms;
a thousand times YES
you may put back the heart in the hole
it will regenerate-
we will do our dance to joyous abandon
til dawns early light-til the sad cooing of the mourning dove ceases
and we fall asleep
dead tired, limp dicked, wrinkled fingered and smilin'
only to arise, and do it all over again...
for as long as the earth shall have us-we will have each other.
sweet Lee-
i've no reason to cause you harm in any manner, or any fashion
and, as the old blues song goes:
"hey everybody,lets have some fun.
you only live once
and when youre dead, youre gone.
so let the good times roll."
and, as another songman sings
"i'm a steamroller babe-
i'm gonna roll all over you......."
you get the idea i wanna make some sweet love to you
you right, boss.
as soons' you put my heart back in its rightfullly owned place
and we rip off our levi's, tighty whiteys, tshirts and
laissex le bon temps roulex.
the nights just begun, the days just gettin goin
i'm in love
and its
and baby-
its ok.
and sweet one-
while youre paruzin'the aisles of walgreens
for my pads today, and "if you feel somebody tugging
 on your fishin pole
it'll be me-i'll be
lookin for you."
i know just where to find you, too. EVERYWHERE.
the great spirits have brought us together to learn from each other..
lets begin-
1)i love you
2)i love you still
3)i still love you still....................................
oh-i forgot to ask:
did you get the three letter word i happened to mention a ways back?

mizblooze56 may 3 2004 weakkneez@msn.com



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