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love in the pit

he had the sweetest eyes
a smile ive not seen in 9 years-so-
i had to have him inside my head..somehow...i wasnt sure
how..i just
had to have him.
his birthday he said. 50th. i decided it'd be one he'd
never forget.
the heart of a needy, lonely, do-i-dare-
try again woman looking out at
this man
and wondering...hmmmmmm???
we talked and talked.old hippiebikertalk...
east coast motherfuckers-hungry charlies, cambridge commons,
we probably shared joints back then..jailcells, too?
we probably got tear-gassed together
by dom scalese back then.
its now.
and we're mid-aged
wrinkling slowly-peering out and wondering......hmmmmmm?
we both said it at the same time.
oh yes.
and i knew
and i fell
boy-did i fall..
this man-this
here i am-AND-
i aint stuck in the middle with you.
he made dman sure not to get stuck there.oh no baby.
never stuck. he made every lover i'd ever had look like a
total failure and a bumbling teenager!
and i screamed moaned clawed-let fly ever drop of every ounce of
the oil h-d DOESNT make
and we screwed and screwed
and sucked on smokes
listened to zappa, blues, laughed,and laughed-i was falling-oh god
lee catch me-he did, too.....we
told stories
of colors, patches,
of bsa's. bmw's, his bonny who grew legs..the exes between us coulda
the landfills coas' to coas'..
i saw us on a scoot
rollin down the road
(i hear delany and bonney)
we talk chef-talk
we talked about tats and
my need for a head permanent-like on the other side
of the big-bed.
i think
i belive
it will be his.
flaming wallet on a chain, chivalrous motions made-
cons parked under my bed-
soon to be ours,
yes, lee
i ve fallen
how could i not.
its spring.and i'm a woman
and you knew the incredible string bands' song
you knew the holy modal rounders' words-you knew
just where to touch, pull, tease,
and god you ARE a man-
no doubt.
and yes, you may have a beer after work.
and yes, lee, you may have this orange toothbrush i've already taken
wrapper off of for you.
and yes, lee
you may reach in, grab my heart, squeeze gently
and call it whatever you choose. and oh god, yes, lee.
you may smoke, have water breaks
in between pumping and pumping and touching me THERE-
you know where-
you may call me til 1-
you may pass go and screech to a halt bearing the gift of you
right at the edge of my next orgasm with your name scrawled all over
it -
declare my body soul heart mind words lips,ah-take it all-
its yours.
from me to you.
i am hanging up my whore shoes, tying on my apron, and becoming
the mrs. scarey proposition....BUT.
i think waiting 9 years is long enough. please, lee. one thing....
just dont ask me to wear white. it doesnt go well with my leathers
and biker boots.

(miz)blooze56 5/2/04 boston ma weakkneez@msn.com


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