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Come Judgement Day
Now the good Lord sat in Heaven
With St Peter by his side
Said Peter listen up Lord
Im going for a ride
Will leave my wings here for while
By the pearly gates
Wont have no need for those today
For Im taking this here Harlay
Now the good Lord looked at Peter
And a smile lit up his face
As he fired up that Harlay
The Lord said wanna race
So up in heavens highways
Between the clouds and stars
Raced Peter and the good Lord
Twice round Saturn then to Mars
Returning to the pearly gates
Where sat the Devil with his Dogs
Say Peter what you doing boy
Ive come up to take those Hoggs
Surrounded then by Angels
Not the type with harps and wings
But a group in chains and leather
With tattos of everything
Now Devil just you listen here
You will leave those bikes alone
For heavens now our clubhouse
And our colours on the thrown
But if you want to prospect here
We are sure you will do well
But meantime Peter interviened
You can fuck off down to hell
Now the good Lord threw a party
The likes of which no one had seen
For the Lord was once a biker
And Peter must have been
So next time you here the thunder
That distant rumbling roar
look up too the heavens
Tell people what you saw
Are the stars not headlights
Of all the bikers gone before
And Heavens the last clubhouse
With a welcome at the door


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Check Out Our New
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