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Jump Little Froggies

The work day ends, it's time to play
It's off to Tuttletown for a weekend stay
Three bikes and a chase truck
Rolling thru the hills with our good luck
Headed for the hills, Goin' to the Jump  
Friends are a waitin', My heart's on full pump
Last month saw a lot of them
But things should be happier than then
The evening sky is upon us, its colors and its hues
White and gold and magenta, with oh so many blues
We roll on down the valleys, and over yonder hills
This ever spectacular beauty, shiver's me with chills
We here the music playing, above our rumbling pipes
Here amongst our own kind, no longer hunting snipes
The critters have all gathered,Wolf, Animal and Squeak
Here to rejoice, That we're not terminally unique
The normal things go on here, food and some games
It's just so much more fun, cuz everyone's the same
We are Alcoholics, addicted through and through
If you don't obsess on everything, you haven't got a clue
Fire up the bar-b-que, Hooty's gotta cook
Tri-tips on the menu, don't need no gobbledygook
Wrenchers is real steady, forgets about last year
He'll know when it is ready, of that we have no fear
Rowanda made her first appearance, hopefully not her last
She is one who's full of life, and definitely a kick in the ass
If you didn't get to meet her, that really is a pity
But if you see her at a run, better cover up your titties
Raffles and trophies, tye-dyed t-shirts and prizes
Laughter and meetings, as the moon rises
Some of us have jobs in the wee morning hours
While others fall down, need to send her some flowers
The cooks have a good time, in the new working space
Keep an eye on your pancakes, or get egg on your face
Sticky pants is helping, all those who will eat
Oh my God I don't believe it, she's handling the meat
The Froggies all leave now, back to their ponds
But here once again, they've strenghten their bonds
Out on the high, we zig and we zag
Check out Boop and her new purple bags
Another Jump is over, means a new season has begun
Riding all over the state, having so much fun
But if you want to know which run, is truly the very best
We'll see you all in early fall, at the Soberfest
Hooty, Your Sweep


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Check Out Our New
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