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Many morrows crept in as I recall his face, 
his hair was blowing in the wind.
he called it away of life, they called it darkened rebel lie’s ,
I wish I could do it all agin.
Be it love or be it sin societies rules they even bend,
my hollowed prince riding ,eternity leathered out.. ..
 we will ride together once again in the morrows.
The smell of leather mixed with sweat, I haven’t met one like him yet..
 oil and dirt on his jeans it mattered little if he was a man of means,
 He was, My Ole man and I say it proudly,
I remember screaming it loudly..
When I ran to him beside the road where he lay dieing..
I had no tears then I have none now for crying…
He gave me to much for sorrow,
 I know I will see him in the morrows.
So many morrows have fallen since that day.
I am still haunted by the concrete road and the fogy mist,
 in the city where time stands still, and yet
The moons dim glow is beaconing ,calling,
Still one more morrow is falling.
Haunting my soul and drawing me to recall our time ,
some where in the past? or future ? I see it,
His out line in the doorway, his strength seeping into my soul
Or was it in yesterdays morrows?
 As a child I sketched his face,
 as I grew I watched for his embodiment in flesh,
And thought, maybe with the morrow.
The morrows came and went so fast, here I sat at last ,
thinking of that place in time , is it just in my mind?
A cruel game the morrows play illusively keeping him from me…..
Within my dreams he reaches out and I respond, ”It’s you I always see,”
“Wait for me he says softly, I’ll come ,”
In the morrow….and then he’s gone… sweet sorrow..
Still he promises the morrow.
“Hells Angels” are Mystic’s from the start no one can take their heart..
Fallen from Heaven and rejected from Hell this realm he knows to well..
He will ride up again some day and we will ride the wind…together..
In the morrows………..
I knew him this time I'll know him the next….the roar of the engine the smell of him Will welcome me back again ……In that morrow..
               In Loving Memory of Jabawaki      (c) by Patricia

Thank you for posting it Sincerely  Patricia Daniel



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