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The Day They Outlawed All Bikers
           ~By Sorez The Scribe

It started out with the Pledge Of Allegiance
After no prayers in the schools
They changed the face of our currency
"In God We Trust" was removed
Freedom of speech was regulated
The citizens did not seem to mind
The Supreme Court ammended the constitution
After all "THEY" knew what was right
The right to bear arms
Was no longer an option
Freedom of assembly was banned
And everywhere you happened to go
"Big Brother" was always watching
The government grew more confident
With the complacency of the masses
But the day that they, outlawed all bikers
They never anticipated the reaction
Word spread fast like wildire
From wannabes to one percenters
A run was scheduled to Washington
From every State of the Union
Roadblocks were set up
On every major highway
With orders to stop the procession
But with the Blue Knights up front
And tens of thousands behind them
Everyone was allowed to pass
The bikers converged
Across from the White House
It was on every television station
The President interupted from the oval office
And broadcast to the nation...
"I have been an emporer without any clothes
Being counciled by fools as advisors
It has taken this action
By these American Heroes
To bring me back to my senses
From this day forthwith
All recent laws are repealed
I give America back to the people..."
For hundreds of years in the history books
That day will always be honored
As the second American Independance Day
The day they tried to outlaw all bikers





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