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Riding with the Devil

While riding on my motorcycle, do you know what I see?

When I look in the mirror, the Devil looks back at me.

Well I look him right in the eyes and say "you don't look so tough".

Hang on while I do the ton, if you think you're man enough.


You see I promised my soul to the Devil So that as long as I'm alive,

The man in the mirror may get old, but I'll always be 25

Now He sits there on my pillion willing me to crash

So he can collect the debt I owe, and grind my bones to ash.


They say God rides a Harley. And I say that may well be

But whatever bike I ride upon, the Devil rides with me.

He's there in case I miss a bend, or I maybe brake too late.

He'll never leave me while I live; he's there to seal my fate.


So when I die and they lay me down, fit me with a barbed wire crown,

Put a patch over my left eye, and give me a bike chain for a tie.

Then when I meet old Satan, Face to face

He'll know I'm there to take his place

Crazy Chris



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Check Out Our New
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