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By Sorez The Scribe

As far as my Bro Lenny was concerned,
this trip was long overdue. Dues had been
paid and the calendar pages turned. In Lennys'
opinion, it was about fuckin' time. Time to
take to the wind. Lenny had rebuilt his ride
from the ground up and it had definitely taken
alot of knuckle busting time. But Lenny never
did trust in them shop wrenches, and having
bought the Sportster from someone who bought
it from somebody else, Lenny felt that the
bike was ready for a complete transformation.
All I can say about it is that what was once
a caterpillar now emerged as a butterfly.
Lenny had himself a class A custom scoot that
any man would be proud to own.
Not leaving anything to chance, Lenny
took the Sporty out despite the weathermans'
warnings. "Fuck it", Lenny thought. "Any
bugs have got to be worked out before I even
think about trippin'." Arriving home late one
night after a test run, Lenny found a package
waiting for him. The ol' lady had signed for
it but knew better than to be too curious
before Lenny returned. When Lenny saw the box,
he knew right away what was inside of it. He'd
been expecting it. Acting real casual, Lenny
headed for the garage with the box. His ol'
lady couldn't contain her curiousity any
..."So what's in the box?" Lenny looked
at her and replied, "Oh just something for
the bike.." Then the bitch went off like
she had done so many times before.
"Something for the bike? Something for the
bike?! There's not a fucking thing in the
house to eat but there's always something
for the BIKE!" Lenny's response was, "Shut
the fuck up and get me a beer bitch, I'll
be in the garage."
Lenny left the house and opened the
garage door. The Sporty looked good, realgood. It was still steaming as it cooled
and as Lenny stood there he became aware of
that magic smell. The one that had been
around him all of his life. The odor of a
motorcycle in heat, raring to go. The
aromatic blend of gas, oil, rubber, and
smoking metal was to Lenny a sweet perfume
that mesmerized him. The vibes were flowing
as Lenny stood there with the box in his
hands. It was a totally sensual experience
and Lenny knew it was right.
When his ol' lady entered the garage,
she was shocked at what she saw.
Speechlessly, her mouth fell wide open and
she dropped the can of beer that Lenny had
ordered. The box Lenny had received was
setting on the workbench, empty. A tear
came to her eye now as she watched Lenny
bolt on his new solo seat.




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