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We Remember Once Again
We loaded the decorations, headed for the Parade
Met the other Messengers, bowed our heads and prayed
We go to honor victims, that the hero's memory not fade
Remembering their families, the ultimate price they paid

The bikers have all gathered, at the Harley shop in town
They are here to remember, not take it lying down
Smiles on their faces, when memories make us frown
Pride reminds all of us,we never will back down
Gathered in the city, the one beside the bay
Listening to history, as tears we blink away
Assembled under Our Flag, unitedly we sway
One Nation, Under GOD, never to betray
Individually we came here, collectively we stand
This greatest nation ours, the best in all the land
The plains that feed the world, mountains oh so grand
Where freedom is our birthright,and life is never bland
This is but one day, what of all the rest?
Life goes on around us, while memories arrest
In these words I've written, There's only one request
Never let it be forgotten, that truly are we blessed
We get to sit here reading, these words that maybe rhyme
While some are in the ground, way before their prime
There's nothing wrong with winning wars, it isn't a crime
But think about the dead, when hearing church bells chime
I.G.T. Hooty, Your truly humbled Sweep
P.S. For those that know me, this one was really different



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Check Out Our New
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