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like a lion she roars throaty and loud
when i hit the throttle she makes me proud
all those horsies gettin ready to run
the tank is full and it looks like sun
the wind on my face yea you know what im sayin
flyin down the pike hellbent not on stayin
road is my home and you know where im headin
to meet the horizen while ironhorse sleddin
i may stop for a beer or a smoke or piss
but it wont be long til the road i miss
so back at it again no times a wastin
got rubber to burn and noise to be makin
i ride alone or with friends or stranger
i ride with the reality i may be in danger
long straightaways or twisites abound
country roads or zippin round town
let your dreams take you where u got to be
just get on out and saddle up and be free
ride with the wind and enjoy the feel
Gods gift to us was asphalt and steel

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Check Out Our New
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