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How It All Got Started


It All Got Started With a 58 Pan

I Learned to be a Biker from My Old Man

He Bought it when I was just Five

Thatís when My World came Alive


The Pan was a Police Special with a Hand Shift and Foot Clutch

I thought that Old Harley was really just too much

I used to sit on Her with Dreams of the Breeze

I Loved that Iron Horse Between My Knees


I Loved to Hear Dad and His Friends Ride In

Telling Wild Stories of Where Theyíve Been

Ridin Hard, Drinkin Beer, Bars, and Fights

Sparks Flying from Curving Hard those Wild Nights


I Learned Brotherhood Honor and Trust

Donít Take No Shit when Youíve been Cussed

When a Biker is Broke Down Help Him Out

Someday Youíll Break Down there ainít no doubt


Now I Ride a Shovel I Ride When I Can

Someday I hope also to Own an Old Pan

An Old Pan Chopper with Suicide Clutch

A Real Long Front End thatís Near Too Much


I Ride through the Hills with Curves and Trees

I Love the Scenery and Feeling the Breeze

I Love to Hear My Drag Pipes Roar

I Love the Freedom of an Eagles Soar


Iíll Ride till Iím Dead if itís the Good Lords Will

Riding Iron Horses will always give Me a Thrill

I Build Them I Break Them and then Do it Again

Iíll be Building, Changing, and Riding them Until the End


Author: Lee Ball


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Check Out Our New
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