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If you're not outraged you're not watching
by Mizblooze56
I read an article of a
of a bike I'D
give my left nut to own
(if I had one)
two bro's:
one, a returned SOLDIER
young enough to be my son,
and a local wrenchin man.
The Veteran-
a local man served 14 months in
" The Gulf",
got bit overseas for scootin
got this sweet ride
 for a second attempt
at riding
after a major youthful accident.
his dad was a rider-
The Wrencher, my age
gets "complaints from his wife
for havin too many toys"....(40 h-ds)
I make no remarks there!
turns out this man used to
scoot with this Navy Man's father.
All in the family- ours.
I sent an immediate and drooling still
reply/letter to Boston's
"major newspaper"
and what'd I get-
unpublished, angry as hell
wrote "and thank you SIR"
for serving OUR NATION
so we can have those
supposed Freedoms THEY
tell us about-
heck- freedom?
Those were old lines
they used t' feed the poorest
of the poor-back in 'NAM DAYS...
line up sign up its good for GOD AND COUNTRY
and it'll make mama PROUD..
if you didnít come home in pieces-
or deep in a bottle today-
seein stuff no VA Shrink can turn off-or you'd take
to the mountains w/ the others
where it was safe- no one callin
you a BABY KILLER et al...If you didnít make it
you'd get: Mister "I'm so sorry"-
A SOLEMN man in a uni at mama's door
and a real sad soft voice
"I regret to inform you....."
Heard those words recently?
Now You got demons and heartbreak too..
A singer from the 60's
sang about "make me wanna holler
throw up both my hands"-
I taint givin in YET.
The clown in the suit
sittin in his oval office
hidin and dick-tating wars
got 2 more years.
This young Soldier,
and tradesman-
and The Wrenchin bro
are friends...........
we're gonna see them
scootin this summer-
the older on his fave FLHT
and the younger on his new Sweet
a 72 XLCH.
I'm still jealous and droolin'
but STILL outraged the paper-
wouldn't even thank THIS SOLDIER
for me-daughter of a Korean Veteran
who, in his 64 years
NEVER spoke of his service.
I met a man
dads age (may he rest in peace)
told me what it says you did THEN
on the gub-mint paper you got
with shit on it an MIT grad cant figure out
"wasn't always true."
how many guys are still
in cages in water
hidden and tortured
from WWll, Ko-Rea,
and on and on-
I won't rest till
theyre all HOME.
as another song says:
and this is for the
two new ridin buds:
"long may you run."
Safe, and LOUD
who don't have
"the ridin Bug"
can HEAR 'em both!
we don't need more
To Jojo and Gary...



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