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Nine New Poems by Kate Johnson AKA Chopper Kate


my best ride is alone
stress forever lost
in the rhythm and drone
on two wheels
so impossible to explain
to you who can't know
how it feels, or can never see
how vivid the passing world can be
on two wheels
I am the wind moving at will
knowing no bounds
body pulsing to the beat
of the engine sounds
on two wheels
solitude, but never lonely
a road to anywhere
and time is only
a distant memory
on two wheels

******************************************************** **************
I see you look at me
as I pass you by
envious eyes of those who can't
and are afraid to try
your life is dull
I want two wheels
open lane, a tank that's full
I want the rain,
the searing heat,
wind stinging pain
I'll take the cold
there is no bad
I'll never grow old
I see you look at me as I pass you by

******************************************************** ************
 Run! all creatures at the twilight
skulk and scurry, take to flight
speeding the wheels cut like a mighty blade
swift and sure your fate is made
who dares to cross the hungry road?
a carnal brain knows no reason
starved the dark road longs to feast;
tis of course the killing season
sacrifice the lowly beast
who dares to cross the hungry road.
when at last comes the light of day;
will heaven's tears come wash away
a fleeting life's bloodstained display?
and where are the survivors of the fray?
Hidden, you lie so low and out of sight
who among you dares to cross the hungry road

/******************************************************* ****************
you don't know me, but look again
here's my life etched on my skin
the one on the left, well that's my first love
and the cross on my heart is for Mom up above
this here's the one to cover the scar
from a bitter divorce and a fight in a bar
I wear an angel to remember a sweet lost child
and a devil on my shoulder for when I get a little wild
there's an eagle and flag that fly proud and free
because I learned firsthand what the cost of freedom can be
so before you judge who you think you see,
look again....
because here's my life etched on my skin

******************************************************** **************
in a cage of steel and glass
stifled and apart
from a world I can see, but not feel pass
to the riders I meet I yearn to say
I'm not here by choice
my biker soul wails
silent screams my inner voice
a dull snail's pace I move
not getting anywhere fast;
in a cage of steel and glass
stifled and apart from a world
I can see, but not feel pass

******************************************************** **************
in my hand I hold a key
it's cool metal whispers seductively
"come ride with me"
I'll show you a myriad of patchwork lands
a kaleidoscope world of painted deserts
golden plains that roll up to kiss the feet
of red rock mountains and their crystal lake mirrors
"come ride with me"
like one mythical meld of flesh and machine
we'll feel god's smile warm like sun on tan skin
and cut like summer's hot breath across the earthen plain
"come ride with me"
and savor the scented breeze; the dank leafy forests
salty white capped seas and rows of sweet, tall green corn
the scent of life urban and country
each distinct and locked to memory
recalled in an instant with the changing wind
"come ride with me....come ride with me.....come ride with me"

/******************************************************* *************
The Rally
thunder rolls, a chromed storm brews
backslaps and beer hugs
catchin' up on the latest news
leathered bodies and weathered skin
beards, tats, babes and sin
cold ones crack like throttles on blacktop lanes
moth like they gather 'round the flames
confessions and tall tales
reverent silence and sordid details
weaving an invisible bond

/******************************************************* ***************
I wasn't born a biker
my Dad ain't 1%
don't call me yuppie or a RUB
my money's gone before it's spent
and if you call me wannabee,
I'll take it all in stride
for when you cut out all the bull
we all just love to ride

******************************************************** *********

Biker Love
The rain came as we rode west
seeking a shelter, and a dry place to rest
under the bridge we pulled to the side
a needed reprieve from the stormy ride
soaked like leather sponges,
we laughed,as we kissed
the cages pass, but we are oblivious
under the overpass
out of the rain, in love
******************************************************** ************

Kate Johnson




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