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(With apologies to John Keats)


What can I tell you, my curious friend

About riding the night alone;

The road sang beneath my feet

And no one for company.


Everyone else at home in bed

Comfortable, safe, and warm

At rest and gently sleeping

Yesterday was done.


The wind did wail against my ear

And I began to pale

To think of all the things Iíve done

And have never done.


I met a lady from the clouds

La Belle Sorciere Sans Merci, I thought;

Her hair was long, her foot was light

And her eyes were wild.


She sat upon my handlebars

And stared into my soul

Her laughter like a Banshee

Melted all my bones.


My fear became a necklace

That tightened íround my throat

She looked at me as she did hate

And made an evil moan.


She found the roots of my beliefs

The oats Iíve sown grew fresh again

To remind me of my own dark heart

and everyone Iíve harmed.


She took me through the dawn,

That long and fitful night

The kind of love she made to me

Left scars across my back.


There we labored on the road

And there I dreamed, ah woe betide,

The wildest dream Iíve ever dreamed

On the cold roadside.


I saw dead riders in the ditch

Pale warriors, death pale were they all,

They cried La Belle Sorciere Sans Merci

Has enthralled us all.


Their starved lips gaped wide

With horrid warning.

The dawn broke and I found myself

Flying down a cold, gray morn.


And that, my curious friend,

Is why I ride alone,

The empty road beneath my feet

And no one for company,


Vol Lindsey



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