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Last Drinks


On a dark country road, a bar I’d never noticed before

Biker hang I’ll bet, skull and bones there on the door

“Miller Time”, dropped my stand and wondered on in

Damn, this bar is like some place I ain’t never been


To a hollow eyed barmaid I said “ give me a cold one”

Alone in here, I guess this ain’t the place for fun

There’s a secret about this bar that’s never been told

“This is your last beer” touching my arm with hands so cold


“Bad joke” as I came off of that stool onto the floor

I’m outta here, frantically looking; there was no longer a door

Just sit down, enjoy the show. He’ll be back soon

The old, dusty, black and white TV she began to tune


Trembling now, against my will, I began to gaze at that set

My life, things that had happened and a thing to happen yet

The things I was seeing I couldn’t take. “Please another drink”

Hauntingly she says “don’t worry, He’ll be here sooner than you think”


This must be a bad dream. More drinks, I need to forget

I’m dizzy and fading. The dim lights are no longer lit

On my way out I’m thinking “drinks don’t get much cheaper”

Hell yes, Drinks are free when you drink with the reaper


By Biker Jer


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Check Out Our New
Biker Books, DVDs, Music, Goodies, & Gifts

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