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I was jammin' down this two lane road
when my scooter just shut down.
Just my luck its on a route
where no one is around.
My tool bags got some open ends;
some screwdrivers and pliers.
I knew to check the usual;
spark, gas, and loosened wires.

At once I found the problem...
I was out of fuel.
I'd left my reserve on last fill,
I really felt un-cool.
I'm miles from any sign of life,
with darkness falling fast.
I can't remember the last gas station
and where it was when passed.

There's no way I will leave my bike
unprotected on the side.
My next move is to push it in...
this bikes my only ride.
I put the kickstand up,
and with a mighty heave...
My bike then starts to roll...
it's high time that I leave.

Cars passing by blow horns and yell
some things I can't make out.
I just keep on pushin,
and ignore that stupid shout.
The cadence of my heels I hear
and I try to set a pace.
The sun beats down and heats things up;
sweat now on my face.

I've went a mile since I began...
really wishing I could ride.
Then I see this pickup,
pulling off onto the side.
The driver who stepped out the door
wore jeans and a black tee.
Except for his white hair and braid...
he was dressed like me.

The driver smiled, and dropped the gate
and pulled a plank to ground.
He said, "I'd be glad to help you son,
to get where you were bound."
Grateful that I caught this break,
my smile showed pure delight.
We rolled the bike up in the bed
and strapped it down real tight.

Tugging on the binders
to insure they wouldn't slip...
We both got in the pickup,
preparing for the trip.
He looked at me and said "where to?
I've got some time to spare."
"I'd be glad to help you get your bike
from here to there ."

I knew there was a Harley Dealer
just ten miles down the road.
I asked if he could drive me there
and then I could unload.
He said, "Why sure... I know those guys... they're bound to have gas
I pegged him for a biker...
by his dress.and his long hair.

I asked him why he stopped to help...
my problem wasn't "his".
He smiled at me and said "Not true, friend...
my helping you sure is."
"I myself have broken down...
and someone stopped to aid."
"My helping you in your dilemma
will help my debt be paid."

"We all have need of help sometime...
at one time or another".
"I've been helped by total strangers,
and treated like a brother."
"I received assistance,
when I thought all help was gone."
"By helping you to solve your problem...
I just pass it on.

We reached the place, and bike unloaded,
he prepared to go.
I said "thanks" and offered money;
He smiled, and then said "no."
"You don't have to pay 'me' son"...
I'm glad to help you in your need."
"Just be sure to 'pass it on'...
and I wish you Godspeed."

With those words he shook my hand
and got into the seat.
He said "be careful out there man...
there's danger on the street."
He looked both ways,
then pulled out into traffic really thick.
I watched the truck as it grew smaller...
moving somewhat quick.

I filled my tank and donned my glasses
and pulled out on my ride.
It felt good to be "in the wind"...
on my red superglide.
I rode awhile and I was settled in
and I hadn't gone too far.
I seen when I was passing by,
the three kids in the car.

I wheeled around and stopped my bike
and put my kickstand down.
I noticed this young mother staring
at a tire with a sad frown.
She was late, and had this flat...
and had to get them home from school.
I pulled her spare out of the trunk
and told her 'just be cool'.

I had the tire changed in ten minutes
and she was ready for her trip.
She was really grateful for the help
and offered me a tip.
I smiled at her and said 'no thanks' 
'this service is for free'.
I'm passing it on... to you dear lady...
this one is on me.

CC (c) November 5, 2006



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