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Basic Black , my choice of "tees" .. is not a fashion "statement".
Furthermore, I am not known for loving noise abatement...
A healthy "twin" ... set up to run... straight pipes are fine with me.
There's nothing like the sound of "chats" when you're riding free.

Jammin down the highway... with your "senses" feeling right...
Riding far into the day... extending into night.
My tank is full. my tires are "fair"... my cases aren't leaking.
I just relax and feel the breeze... no need for further speaking.

Leathers tied to handlebars... in case the night airs cooler...
My bike is running like a bear... a stroker, and a "fooler".
I don't own an "evo", my shovelhead's just fine...
It's carried me for many years... no reason here to whine.

I've had folks to ask me... when you get "old" what will you do?
I just grin and tell them... "It's just a phase I'm going through".
I still enjoy GOD'S blessings. sometimes I'm moved to tears.
This phase that I've been in so far... has lasted thirty years.

I am not unique in that... there's many more like me...
That ride for their own reasons... mine's... mainly to feel free.
Each person has their story... of how "their" rides did start.
I've had a love affair with bikes... It's always in my heart.

CC September 12, 2006

Poems By CC


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Check Out Our New
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