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~ The Harley Ride ~

The wind is blowing a glorious gale,

Goose bumps are dancing and drinking strong ale,

Happiness is smiling an awesome mile wide,

The heart is pole vaulting with ecstatic pride,

Laughter is echoing from deep down inside;

The reflection of a friend, securely, near by,

And always the roaring of the engine's reply.


Touching the artistic expression of God's creation,

Diving into the strokes on the canvass of the nation:

A sight seeing, majestic, Three-D animation;

The orange globe setting, entices fascination,

A bright full moon draws an eerie-infatuation;

Up and down the mountains and valleys,

From east to west, coast to coast rallies.


Bouquets of flowers, become a treasure trove

Of puppy breath mornings, inhaled through the nose.

Hours of riding make an aching butt scold,

But - soft sensual pillowing never gets old,

As sweet thing, inclining, takes a tight hold,

And heart pounding accelerating,

Declares the adventurous soul bold!


Mother nature is boasting exhilarating forces.

Cavalry prances in formation as warrior horses,

Snorting in preparation for the colossal attack;

Absolutely no contemplation of a fall back;

The senses amplified in an adrenalin flood,

Envisioning 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'

On this magnificent, mighty-lunging, stud!


copyright©2006 Terry Scott Presgrove




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Check Out Our New
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