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Biking for Sanity
By Chris Zagst
“Swamp Weasel”

My first bike was a used ’74 Honda.
An old enduro, my parents weren’t fond of.
My brother and I shared it until I left home,
Then it became his to ride all alone.

That was the last bike I would ride for a score,
But not my brother, the crazy bike whore.
He owned many more as he grew to a man.
The last one he had was a classic Indian.

Now, I’m the oldest and for most of my days
I set the example and played it too safe,
While my brother tore ass around places unknown
And I did what was expected of me, as I’ve shown.

At 35 years I looked back on my life,
Three wonderful kids and a beautiful wife!
All of the things I’ve accomplished and won,
But one thing was missing, something undone.

Depressed each day, I awoke with a frown.
Suicidal thoughts knocked around in my crown.
“Is this all there is,” Each day I would ask.
“Why bother with the bullshit in each little task?”

I talked to my bro’, yes, he too has grown
With a family and job, no longer alone.
“I’m selling my bikes, my back just can’t take it,”
He said with a frown, “but I think that I’ll make it.”

“The arthritis is bad and it’s time for a change.
Classic cars are cool, too, so this I’ll arrange.”
He looked at my face and he said with concern,
“You hurt worse than me, even I can discern.”

“But your pain is different, it’s not in your back,
It’s all in your head, but I’ll cut you some slack.
Life ain’t worth shit if doesn’t have zeal.
Get you a bike, and the wind, it will heal.”

It took me a while to finally try it,
And come up with cash to finally buy it.
Many in my life aren’t happy about the decision,
But it’s changed my life greatly and I don’t fucking listen.

Wind, rain and asphalt have mixed in my blood.
No going back, though some say I should.
A beard on my face and long hair on my head,
Still stuck in an office, but at least I’m not dead.

My bike saved my life and it ended my pain.
I ride most every day in both sunshine and rain.
Most think that I have gone over the edge.
They speak of my safety so I give them this pledge…

If I die today and leave the stress of this place,
It’ll be with a big, ole smile on my face.
I already died once, way deep inside,
But my bro’ saved my life with his words of advice.

Know I lived these years of my life feeling free!
Engraved on my tomb you can put this decree,
Happiness is not found in the judgment of others,
But in rolling the throttle, and love between brothers.


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Check Out Our New
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