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Evening Ride
Carl Eugene Moore

Just after sunset
Orange and yellow and red
Highlight dark grey clouds
Two chrome wheels spinning on the darkening road
The speed limit signs change and change again
Never over 45
No hurry to achieve an undesignated destination
Warm wind yields to the cool air near forests
Then warms again
Wind blowing easily through whatís left of my hair
Billowing my shirt sleeves, exiting around my ears
The warm glow of the gauges on the burgundy fuel tank
Grows brighter, comforting,
As the cloak of night wraps around me
Nineteen miles. Twenty miles. Twenty-one miles.
Black asphalt slips easily below me
A huge, orange moon rises in my right rear view mirror
Playing hide and seek with black clouds
Finding fifth gear quickly, easily, deliberately
Calls forth the throaty rumble of tuned chrome pipes
Too soon day yields to night
Twenty-seven miles more on the odometer


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