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Honky Tonk Angel
By Blooze 08

In my head I hear lonesome George wishing for a
Honky Tonk angel to hold him tight
And here in this quiet building in
This darkened room half of my bed feels
Like an old deep meat chest
Save for the meat
Silence strangling me-my
two cats asleep on a pile of dirty black tees
Somewhere here
Too cold still to hear the v-twins’
downshift rounding the
Yet the robins will sing before sunrise.
My silent abandoned slumber
chamber is screaming for a warm body
A soft green comforter brings no comfort
Despite the soothing color.
A resentful bartender somewhere counting paltry
Sneaking a butt now that the last callers have
At last left-
Teetering one-eyed to a car or
A gypsy cab
Someone else’s car who’s name will be forgotten
Or already has been
Frankly who cares any way
May’s well screw in the alley
On a car hood
Behind a dumpster
It is all the same in the long run.
You wind up middle aged and graying
Awake and aware
Sober and tearing one-eyed
It is cold in here
I may as well rest In a coffin
Wouldn’t it save room, be
Easier to make up in the morning
Save the planet by using smaller sheets
It is all the same in the end
Longing for something, or
To stop the spinning dance of
The screaming of the uncomforting comforter-and,
Aw fuck
Why’d I ever stop the boozing
least I’d have something to make me feel
Alive in
The retching morning light
And maybe the ice would melt
If I pissed the bed-
If I squint I can get a quick lost fleeting
Vision of a someone dragged here
Long ago-
And pretend
Just pretend the god damn
silence isn’t screaming
What a frail failure I am
At 51.




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