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I was 14

Harvard Square was


All the dope you could smoke,

Dancing crazily on The Commons

Every Sunday beat home

in the burbs fer sure.

Me and my boyfriend-

Were called the Bobbsie Twins

By a group of older dudes

who hung on the corner near

Hungry Charlie’s.

The loudest of them was this big ole

Bro and his big ole Harley.

I longingly stared and it wasn’t his good looks

Or whatever we’d just ingested.

My Twin kept nudging me

“Go ask for a ride, what’s the worst

That can happen, he’ll laugh?”

So- I did.

“OK Hood’s jump on” he said.

No helmet

Just me shaking in my

Overalls and

Him chompin on an ancient cigar

As he kicked and kicked till

A sound like no other I’ve heard

Started that bad boy up.

“Hang on and lean into the curves” he yelped

As we roared off down Mass. Ave.

Now, I’m a whole lot older

And if you haven’t had your HD cherry busted

There’s nothing finer

Than wind in your face- or racing up a country road

And the sweetest vibrator ‘tween your legs.

I was hooked from that 1st ride till today.

Guys look at sweet babes going by;

I swivel my head when I hear that roar-

Near or far.

That sound is sweeter than the finest wine, the

Richest chocolates

Or any Boones Farm I ever drank

Way back when.


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Check Out Our New
Biker Books, DVDs, Music, Goodies, & Gifts

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