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The bikee of the building


By Blooze

She says:

“Are you a bikee?”

Politely, while thinking my eyes

Should be doin a major roll job

I reply: “No, I’m a BIKER.”

Then, she says:

“Are you a Hell’s Angel?”

(And for sure knowin’ that’s

NOT how it’s spelled)

I, with a tad more aggravation

In my tone reply:


“Well” she continues,

“You got all them bikee bumper stickers

On your wheelchair, I figured you were.” (A HA)

Apparently, she’s not “up” on her biker knowledge,

Or got a good grip on her vocabulary, either.

Soon’s my krip kaddy (or Blooze’s 4 wheel drive)

And I are not even completely in the

Elevator up to my crib on 8

I hear Miz Gossiper and Her Crew

Talking. About me, my clothing,

My friends, and another local

MC which she’s sure I am a member of.


Reminds me of a tat I got a few

Springs ago: I told the woman ink slinger

(Who owns and drives her huge Shovelhead that out weighs her

By a ton and a half)

I missed ridin, bein in the wind,

Even the bugs in my teeth!

Before I continued on my pity pot

She said “how’d you get here?”

I told her I got sick of waiting for the GD

Bus, so I rode. It was a beautiful day

And distance or trucks in the road never have scared

Me: I hate being late.


“Well,” she stated, “Did you

Feel the sun on your face? How about that spring

Breeze in your hair?”

I think: “hmmmm. She’s sorta got a point.”

After finishing up the pair of roadrunners on

My wrist, she said “Miz Blooze, being a biker’s

In your blood, your bones (no matter how screwed up

They are or how much you ache) your SOUL. Doesn’t matter

What you’re ridin’; bein’ in the wind is

Bein in the wind.”

I rode home, grinning.

I told Miz Gossiper the

Next time I rode past her and Her Crew

in the lobby “Hey, I got a bike in my living room.”

“You’re kiddin?” she replies.

“You should come on up and see it!”

Truth be- I DO. It’s a huge old Indian Chief

About 2 feet long and heavy as a Mfer

I won at one a them restaurants that hangs

All kindsa do-dads that decided to auction

The do-dads off, redecorate; donate the auction

Money to the local

Boy’s & Girl’s Club-

In the city she grew up and lived in before

Moving here. Back in her day I

Wonder if they taught anything like:

Manners, vocabulary, and not judging?

I think not.





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