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What Happened To Us
By Blooze 1-4-09

Back in the day
Didnít matter
What kind of sled you rode
Who painted your fat bobís
How much you paid for that
Official H-D Leather.
If one us saw you
Head in hands
Weepiní like a baby
Or dumped on the road
Weíd help
No questions asked
Nothing owed.
Was what we did.
We went to wakes
Celebrated together
Raised the flag for those
Who gave all
For us. Brothers and Sisters
Runners of the road. Bikers.
Now we got ďoutlawsĒ on TV;
Slathered in ink, talkiní our talk
Back in my day
A business meeting wasnít scheduled
While you were in the wind on
You weekend scoot
Radio blasting.
We rode together
We rode alone.
We rode.
If I ask you today for your
Help or support
It ainít about whether
The timeís right
Or the gameís on.
Maybe itís me who needs
To wake up
And get with it.
Or perhaps I may be right
I donít rightly know that answer.
All I know
Is: donít call yourself
A biker
If you canít be a biker
Through and through
To the core of your soul.
Every day.
Thatís just me and
My humble opinion.
A biker till I go where
I go at the end
Of my road.



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