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A 1%erís Soul
By Chris Zagst, ďSwamp WeaselĒ

Society looks upon them
In fear and with disgust.
They just canít understand
The leather, dirt and rust

There are a few among us
Who look at them in awe,
And envy their free lifestyleÖ
Primitive and raw.

They call them 1%erís,
Not 2% or 3,
Most people cannot handle
To live this wild and free.

Unspoken rules that govern.
Treat them with respect.
Thatís how they treat each other.
No one else will give them less.

The patches on their backs
Mean a lot to those who know,
What each went thru to get it,
Their dedication shown.

I know some 1%erís,
But just a very few.
My life is very different,
But their friendship it is true.

I trust them with my family,
My kids, and yes, my wife.
Codes of conduct they uphold
Or they could lose their life.

They donít screw with a brother,
Or any of his kin.
Societyís hypocrites all judge
But could learn this rule from them.

You mess with one of their number,
And hell with follow close.
Revenge, you know the saying,
Is a dish thatís best served cold.

Iím not a 1%er,
At least not so youíd see,
But a streak of it runs thru my veins.
My closest friends agree!

One day when my kids are gone
Iíll shed this tie of mine.
With obligations now fulfilled
Iíll leave this shit behind!

Iíll prospect with a club,
If Iím not too fucking old,
To run the errands and fetch the beers
For the youngsters as Iím told.

The 1%er in my soul
Will finally take its place.
Iíll be the wild ass, grey haired fucker
With a smile upon his face.


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