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By Richard ‘Bingo’ Cosby
D.C. Eagles M.C.
Wisconsin Confederation Of Clubs

Bulldog was his name – And his - ‘claim to fame’ -
Was he ‘Thought’ that he was Bad.
Well, in Kimmer’s bar one night - He must have been looking for a fight -
And he made one little lady Mad!
“A shot’n a beer!” And his voice struck fear -
In the heart of the little bar-maid.
He pulled out a ten and said: “Do it again!
And be quick - or you won’t get paid!”
Now Bulldog was rough - and ‘thought’ he was tough -
His beard hung down to his chest -
And painted in red - was a bulldog’s head -
On the back of his leather vest.
His pants were all worn, they were ragged and torn -
His boots were just a disgrace!
No shirt, just the vest - and there on his chest -
Was tattooed a bulldog’s face.
He lit a cigar, then he looked ‘round the bar -
And he spotted sweet ‘Lady Blue’.
He walked over and said: “If you give me some head -
I’ll buy you a drink or two.”
Before it got worse - she reached in her purse ---
Pulling a ‘stun-gun’ - as we watch ---
She ‘iced his lust’ - with a well aimed thrust -
Between his legs to his Crotch!
The flicker of blue sent the voltage through -
His dick - to his head - to his toes!
She Zapped him again - he fell down - and then -
She Zapped him again - on his nose!
He woke up out back - as limp as a sack!
He tried getting up - but he falls --
He had lost his pride, so he sat there and cried: -
“Oh Lord! My poor aching balls!”
Now the morale - you see - is you’d just better be -
A biker with some kind of ‘Class’ -
Or you might run into someone tougher than You!
And you just might get knocked on your Ass!




living the life
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