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“Death Star”

They’ve called you a piece of shit
Black as the inside of your pipes
No shine
No sparkle
No hint your owner is proud

But I know you, old lady
No complaint when I give you reason
You carry me a hundred miles an hour whenever I ask
Or slog through cold rain and hot sand

And God you’re pretty

I’ve seen them look at you
Scary bitch
Those sinister dueling scars proof that
You’ve been down the
Long road the
Long way
And there’s nothing apologetic about the way you stand at the curb
Lean as a stiletto
Impatient to go

Shake yourself awake
Carry me proud
Around the chrome and the
Slick paint and
Electronic fuel injection and
ABS brakes
Of bikes that have been given no soul
And no name
That pack hesitant riders
In crisp new leather and shiny boots
Dreaming of going a hundred miles
While you pass them by
Tires not touching your shadow
And dark
Screaming your own hurricane




living the life
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