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Flash Gordon
By: Karen Thompson

I met a biker once,
He was a good friend to me.
We had good times together,
He taught me what I needed to be.

He was haviní a good time,
And always runniní hard.
I watched him on his bike one day,
As he pulled out from his yard.

I said I want to do that,
He said sounds good to me.
I got up on my Harley,
And rode it to the sea.

I thought about him often,
And all the good times we had.
I said one day I'd call him,
And continue what we had.

Then one day I found him,
He had to do his time.
Said the Ďmaní came down and got him,
And hit him with a fine.

I told him not to worry,
I'll get him out of there.
And we rode off together,
Through the midnight air.

He built a bike for me,
A Street Bike Named Desire.
And on that bike I rode one night,
And lit the town on fire.

This is my Flash Gordon,
A biker that I love.
I know he'll think of me,
As an Angel from up above.


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