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Biker Poetry

© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@
Betsy E Lister



You shielded me from the cold salt spray like that old familiar
soft supple broken-in leather I treasure so,
You kept me warm

I felt your breath in my ear, your embrace around my waist
You were close

I saw the sparkle of your eyes in the dew on every blade of fieldgrass
You were radiant

I saw your smile upon every sunswept crest of ocean waves
You were shining

I felt the comfort of your embrace in every ray of sunshine
You were heaven

I felt your nearness everywhere I went
I was never alone



and I so look forward
 to riding with you again....
© by Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@

Wind brushes
Flying thrushes
Tousled tresses
Lifted dresses
Swirls my mind
In kind
And eases my soul
To ride the wind

Fluster filibuster
© by Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@
My words make folks get all afluster
I'm referred to as a modern day filibuster
A rebel and a renegade
baton leader of the Parade
If the cause is just
Then this is a must
At least for me
So now you see!

For a just cause
I seek no applause
Just get the deed done
And then move on
There’ll be another wagon train
Bearing my name
An injustice to be sited
A wrong to be righted
So while I get my riding boots and sox
Please go ready the soapbox
Next fight I chaw
Is the repeal of the helmet law
Here's a little ditty I wrote one day while riding... I tend to stuff what I need for the ride into my bra... and so this little ditty came to be one day
An Ode to my Bra 
© by Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@
An Ode to my Bra
Tee Hee Hah Hah
Which has become my pocketbook
Uh Uh~~ you can't look!!
Ciggies and lighter
on one side you'll find
The other a dictaphone
to record what's on my mind
This is the satchel
That houses my snatch-all
Now I want to know
Where did my boobs go?

At the Edge of a Dream
© by Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@

At the edge of a dream
Is where I landed
In a swirling stream
I find myself stranded
Amidst a fogbank cloud
Obscuring my view
A tugboat loud
Just a passin’ thru
Most other eyes
I could not see through
Past falling leaves
And midnight blue
But tonight I find
A friend so true
And made up my mind
Tonight… to ride with him too!
This poem I wrote while out in Sturgis after riding the Badlands
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@
Eerily whisper the wind past my ears
The forgotten voices of long ago years
Shrill shriek-screams of atrocities past
Embedded in the landscape forever to last
Hot arid horizon of grass sand and stone
As I stand here and view it I get the feeling I'm not alone
The warriors and soldiers of a hundred years ago
Left their mark upon this vista and have made it so
I imagine their plight
As they fought through the night
And took a stand
To keep their presence in the land
Indian warriors faces painted ready to kill
Suede covered soldiers firing at "Will"
All fallen to the ground and becoming a part
Of a dying breed of man and of the heart
Of the country's heritage and history
I view this as such mystery
Their remains have long since departed
And today would be broken-hearted
If they could view
This world we knew
They would have thought
It was all for naught
As I travel thru
Their voices ring thru
Become shrill around my ears
For now and for many years
Biker Down
©  By Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@
July 2008

Biker Down
the saying goes
Unless you've been there
you can't really know
One minute you're up
the next you're down
and then like wildfire
it's all over the town
And what bothers you most
as best can be told
with a painful injury
one feels quite old
Can't feel the breeze
or the wind through your hair
just laid up in bed
it's not really fair
Though it wasn't your fault
doesn't change the outcome
even though the bike's just fine
the riding, this season is done
And so as you watch
Your friends all ride by
You sit home on the couch
With cabin fever and cry

Polished steel, shiny chrome
Sits idle in the garage
all alone



Drama is the ride
The open road calls to you
And there you must go!
It's quite contrary
when wheels do spin round and round
Makes one real happy
Vroom vroooom Vrooooom Vroooooom Vrooooooooooooom
That's one of the nicest sounds
The sound of music
An oil change, lube job
Making sure the bike's ready
For the summers ride
Wheels spin round and round
Lots of miles on the bike
Gas does go further

There's nothing better
Than the sun shining above
And riding below

I spit and polish
I wash, wax, and dry the bike
Then it starts to rain!


Eden lives close by
As nearby as the highway
Somewhere I can ride


Riding Haiku

Harvesting sunshine
To tuck inside my leather
for riding weather
by ©Gypsypashn.... 4/26/2005

HAIKU 5/13/2005
freedom isn't free
it costs lots of money which
I don't have right now  
I need to ride now
it's spring although there's no sun
winter's here again
There's no time to ride
like the present they say but
there's no good weather
Summer shines warmly
Steel's season shimmers brightly
the road beckons me
'tis time to ride now
the highway calls my passion
it wakens desire
the wind blows wildly
the sun shines mildly on me
I'm finally free

It's about riding
And freedom and free feeling
it's not about fear
Kindly share the road
Please lighten the load so that
all who ride are safe
Winding roads open
A peak season endorsement
without a helmet
I am in the wind
I am finally set free
From what bothers me

More money More dough
Off to the poorhouse I go
Bike has to run right!

Gypsy's not right ~ Now
Shimmy Shake Hesitate Shake
Motor Mount is Broke

When bike does not purr
There's no smile on my face
No sunshiny place
--- Steel, leather, tires, chrome
Sunshine warm summer breezes
There's nothing better
I don't consider
myself to be a wrench just
a great riding wench
Wheels roll up the road
Hair whips wildly in the wind
No better feeling

Vroom Vroom Blap Blap Blap
What is all the noise about
Isn't it safety?

Harley Davidson’s
Ride Free without a helmet
New Hampshire Bike Week

= = =

Shiny chrome Six Speeds
Now fifteen hundred CC’s
Make for a fine ride

= = =

A throaty rumble
Underneath colorful frame
Coming from the pipes

= = =
A throaty rumble
Behind a colorful frame
Coming from the pipes

Bob Didn't Come Home Last Night
© Gypsypashn~~~'~~,~~<{@

Bob didn't come home last night
Lost his life riding his bike, that's right
He was out enjoying a legal sport
When a callous driver cut his life short
A young gal talking on her cell
Vaulted him thru the gates of hell
Leaving behind a family, a wife
To warily deal with the loss of life
A life that's worth less than a grand
According to the judge's sentence at hand
His loving grandkids he'll never know
Nor will he be able to watch them grow
His wife will scramble and try to manage
Amidst the tragedy and the carnage
His kids will miss their "good ol' Dad"
Try to cling to memories, yet still be sad
Friends will never see "Ice Cream Bob"
Nor will his co-workers on the job
Bob's body lies under the ground
Friends will come for miles around
To storm the courthouse and razz the judge
Though with her sentence, she will not budge
Ms VanWinsen will drive again and call
Her friends because she can, it's not her downfall!
She'll go on with her daily routine
The judge washed her hands, and left them clean
The nightmares she left the Bryant clan
Are horrific to most ordinary man
But Christie will never know any regret
Cuz she got the best deal yet!
And we can change it
And rearrange it
We can legislate
And rally the State
If not, they'll take another
One of our sisters or brothers
Will lose their life
And there'll be more strife
So write up a bill
Get it to Capitol Hill
Then take a stand
To the vote command
That it be passed; our rights saved
And a brand new day and new road paved
No, Bob didn't come home last night
and the sentence won't stand, we gotta make this right!
A place a came upon while on my way to a poker run

Boulevard Diner
© Gypsypashn~~~'~~,~~<{@

Boulevard diner
Set at the side of the road
Polyester revisited
Come lighten your load
Cigarette smoke wafts in the air
The attending waitress with
Scrambled yellow hair
Piled above a Veronica face
Short order cook Joe
With his paper hat in place
“One Boulevard Special”
Down the counter slides
To rest in front of Charlie
Behind the newspaper he hides
Chromed mini jukes
At each and every booth
Playing melodies of love and of truth
Java hot java
Fills my cup
The scene borne of the 50’s
I’m eating it up
Double yoked eggs
Spatter the grill
“Boulevard Special”
Sounded out so shrill
Revisiting now
A place lost in time
Existing in the present
Reality to the rhyme
I came across this in my travels today
In my mind embedded forever
This vision will stay
I share it with you now
So you can see it too
Oh by the way
One lump, or two?

Catty ‘ol Hatty
The Sportster Version
© Gypsypashn~~~'~~,~~<{@

Hatty was so catty
She drove herself batty
Because her po’ daddy would itch
He sent his affection
In Mattie’s direction
Hatty thought
       cuz Mattie’s so rich

Said Hatty to daddy
What’s up with dear Mattie?
In her sweetest feline pitch
Said daddy to Hatty
I just admire ol’ Mattie
But daddy really started to twitch

Said Hatty to daddy
Ya right I believe that y
And Hatty called Mattie a witch

Now Hattie so catty
Drove ol’ Daddy to Mattie
Daddy’s feelings for Hattie did mince
Now daddy’s sportster they say
Is parked in Mattie’s driveway
And things just ain’t been the same since.
Damned Am I
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@
Damned am I
With this poets pen
Writing from inspiration
Offered from women and men
People are jealous
And don't understand
It's what's felt in the soul
And translated by hand
What really gets me
Is their reaction malicious
And they don't even realize
How much of it's fictitious
Fallen Brothers
© by Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@

Sealed lips
Open Casket
Solemn faces
Flower baskets
families and friends
fellow brothers
left behind to pick up the pieces
aunts and uncles
nephews and nieces

Felled by bullets
or a well-planned OD
respects paid by brethren
with sullen faces
remembrances of olden days
and far off places

The dark and the dank
sullen cast of the funeral parlor
the pat on the back bear hugs
of those left behind
their tears unable to flow
lonely tomorrows come to mind

The ritual continues
and more often than not
one by one they fall
with each passing day
but oh for the "Brotherhood"
they did pass away

Yet to live their lives
they know no other way
and so one by one are picked off
One by one they slip away

The procession continues
To this very day

Sealed Lips
and open caskets
Solemn faces
Flower baskets
First Snow
© Betsy E Lister
a/k/a Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@

Virgin crystals
Cover the ground like glimmering diamonds
A frosty Blanket o’er the forever expanse of yard
, the street the river
past the horizon
beautiful albescence shimmering against a cold canvas
Mother Nature displays her bounty of winter
months way too soon
it’s not even Thanksgiving yet

So pretty to look at
Serene, and untouched, clean void of soot a carbon from passing vehicles
Almost calming in nature
But oh so depressing at the same time
trying to seek solace am I with the painted picture of 
cogitating Dresden-white displayed before my eyes

Fist snow….

 Last ride
My motorcycle sleeps in the garage
hibernating for the winter
Flying Aggies
© by Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@

Calliope's cornucopia'd colors
She paints with her brush
Whizzing by
at high speeds
whirring a blur
that swirls past
her rear views
trailing behind her
in the wind
rainbow'd streams
a canvas of sky


Shards of glass
splinter and fly

Maybe that
will teach
to respect
out there
on the road
For Gilda
© by Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@
We need to educate the public about motorcycles, our numbers are strong; and here's proof, it's the other motorists out there that are putting our lives in jeopardy:

This came to me after hearing about Gilda
it won't bring her back,
but maybe it will help
stir US ALL
toward protecting out rights out there
on the roadways...

For Gilda:

must they mandate?
can't they educate?
must we die?
must they lie?
must we cry?
must we die?
We die
They lie
We die

Education is the key; but no...
tis easier to single out a segment
of society
and place restrictions on them
After all, they're not right.
Oh no, they're left
A little too far to ..
so we must restrict them
hamper them
quell and silence their way
of thinking
lights are blinking
off and on
they might rebel
and to us do tell
how to run this land
that won't be grand
let's take a stand
and man....date
not educate
yeah, that will keep them
noone gets it
steel crashes
and gas tanks explode
ripping flesh and breaking bones
the lifeless form
once a wife
a mother
a friend
Blood spills to asphalt
blows living air
into dead lungs
at the side of the road
Friends scream and holler
in horrific shock
A husband wails
and trembles
his wife lying dead
oh dear God
on his knees now
friends can't console him
God why?
did she have to die?

No breath can revive
her neck
snapped in half
like a twig
the cager
a fair young 20
who thought he knew
on a yahoo with his friends
isn't life fun?
crosses the double yellow
now there's a fellow
who lived
to tell
how he killed
someone's mother,
isn't that swell?
They won't educate
they mandate
to keep us straight
And send their young
to kill us

Written for:
Gilda Musgrove
assistant director of WOW 34, from Stoughton MA,
who was killed instantly yesterday
when she and two other riders were struck head on
by a car driven by a 20 yr old
who crossed over the double yellow line; while reaching for his cell phone


Ghostrider unfinished…..
© by Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@

The power of the throttle when the wrist gives it a crack
The sound of exhaust as it gives out a “blap”
The feel of the sun shining down upon your back
The open road laid out as your track

This free born feeling that no one else knows
Except for other riding sisters and bro's
Is one imbedded in your soul
And stays with you until you’re old

I don’t know if there’s a heaven or hell
But one thing I know real well
Once my soul has left this earth
My spirit will remain where it was since birth

And in the shadows I’ll remain therein
And I’ll always be a ghost rider in the wind!
Let your wheels find pavement smooth
And your emotions take a ride to soothe
Let the sun shine down upon your back
And as for riding, let there be no lack
Let good fortune and good times roll
Because that’s what warms a biker’s soul!

 Take III
Gypsy Rider
12/31/2006 © Gypsypashn ~~'~~,~~<{@
A Gypsy she has made of me
the taste of life so sweet
into her saddle I find I must go
to ride and claim the street
The open road it calls me
her frame beneath my butt
compels me to leave all else behind
and go out for a putt
The road's a winding thoroughfare
with greenery abound
peppered with potholed dips
beneath my rumbling sound
Round the bend she's taken me
to a mountain’s less traveled road
One I find myself enthralled with
really lightening my load
Becoming one with panoramic land
rolling o'er the road
Throttling up with my right hand
on this feeling I'm so sold
The increasing resounding thunder
is nectar oh so sweet
I find I cannot sit still
and squirm about in her seat
Her steel frame is an extension
of my body - of me
as one we bond together
like a forest acclimates a tree
I ride on into the sunset
to the west - to the east
I must keep on riding
Nature's bounty is such a feast
She's totally overcome me
and taken o'er my mind
I have to keep on riding
That's my fate in kind
Ride on 'til I no longer can
'til the wind has flown my sail
and left with spirit only
those behind to tell the tale
The tale of a Gypsy rider
who rode across the land
her steel steed known as Gypsy-
of the throttle in her hand
Left a mark each place they traveled
a souvenir of the cycle and self
Something for those they passed by
to mark upon their shelf
They rode 'til the very last moment
'Til their life and breath had quelled
to the day that death claimed Gypsy
when her chest no longer swelled
She loved each and every minute
of her time out on the road
and leaves it as a legacy
a story to be told
Told to younger riders
who find this passion the same
and take to the road and honor
her Gypsy riding fame
Gypsy's steed remains a monument
of the miles beneath the seat
A remaining surviving token
of a life that riding make complete
So ride on all ye riders
ride on while you can
'til we meet in heaven's highway
and ride together once again
The Gypsies they will find you
as you reach heaven's gate
and be your tour guide
and lay out your riding fate
© by Gypsypashn ~~'~~,~~<{@
A connoisseur of motorcycles
I’ve come to be
It’s been a long time coming
Since before I was twenty-three
I’ve studied the models
Their looks their sizes
Know what makes them look good
How to win those prizes
I’m familiar with most the parts
From the front to the rear
Swing arms exhaust
And what sounds good to the ear
Recognize the different levers, handlebars and grips
Have scoured the aisles at the local dealerships
Have learned what filters bolts and nuts
Go on the bike to make it purr when it putts
Know all the light options, the brakes, the wheels
When to shop to get the best of deals
I’ve memorized the catalogs
And know most the pages
Can customize any model
with the rest of the sages
So now I guess
You can plainly see
While I’ve been studying and
working on my degree
that Harley Davidson’s
the last two initials
In my P HD
Her Dreamer’s Disease
© by Gypsypashn ~~'~~,~~<{@
October 30, 2000

The aches or pains
of everyday failure
Of heartache and blues
riddle her at times
Dilemmas and predicaments
with no clear answers
swirl through her ever wakeful mind
Satisfaction and fulfillment
Happiness and bliss
When they elude her
will trigger her ailment

Her dreamer's disease

Her symptoms will begin again
Compassion and understanding
will fill her head
love and light
will fill her heart
Health and happiness
will fill her body

Her dreamer's disease

Is what keeps her
for an answer
to her happiness

Because it's her dreamer's disease
that offers her hope
As she rolls along the open road
Hold me
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@
Hold me in your arms tonight
Keep me warm until dawn's early light
Let me feel your breath as we lay sleeping
In each other's arms for safe keeping

Take my hand in the morning sun
Spend the time ‘til day is done
Laughing smiling all day long
Singing together life's happy song

Ride beside me to a path of light
No more nightmares thru the night
Days of bliss and of sharing
Truly content in the nest of caring

Hold me in your arms tonight
Kiss me softly...Good night.
Sweet dreams babe~
I Need to Be...
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@
I need to be in the wind
To feel free again
I long for cold steel between my knees
And feel my hair flying in the breeze
I need the warmth of the sun on my back
O how my soul is aching for the lack
I have to ride the open road
Seeking new adventure, remembering the old
Past mountains’ majesties and rolling seas
By the meadows, and endless rows of trees
The freedom feel of riding I have found
Surpasses that of any other around
So if today the open road I can meet
My heart will feel happy and complete
And what would be even better you see
Would be, love….
If you’d come ride with me

I'm A Biker... RANT
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

It’s frightening to think
That motorcycling’s on the brink
Of extinction
As we know it.
It’s starting to show it.

Who’ll be left after us
To jump on this bus
And continue the fight
And maintain our rights

There’s not enough
Young riders buff
Who care about defending
Their rights or mending
Bridges with the EPA
Hey say…
did you read?
Can you heed?
We’re menaces of the road
We’ve no right to share its load
If that school of thought
We ought not
To share the road
Cuz that’s what we’re told
Scary feeling
Sets us a reeling

You call me…..

What I’m told I am!

Yeah you call me a biker, a villain, a rogue
I wear broken in leather ‘cuz I know it’s in vogue
Call me a knave, a miscreant, a menace, a thief
Claim I’ll steal the toothpick from t’ween your front teeth
Say I’m a hoodlum, a rowdy, and boisterously gruff
Unruly, disorderly, underlying tough
You call me all those things but babe can’t you see
You don’t even know…. The real me!

Hear you call me asshole an idiot a scamp,
Just short of a hothead and even a tramp
Say I’m known as an outsider a loner; bad seed
I have no use for corporate greed

When I hit the asphalt there’s no denying
I’m in the wind I’m going to keep on riding,
You can chase me down to Daytona or up to DC
There’s no use trying; trying to catch or stop me!

I’ll hijack the open road and fresh air, Just cuz I can
And remember darlin’ I’m not even a man.
I’ll enslave every inch of highway that rolls ‘neath my wheels
And steal that free born feeling, ‘cuz that’s where good feels!
Call me a sinner; a brawler, a roisterer, and loud
When I’m in the wind I’m undeniably proud

Claim I’m blustery, and bitter, bold and broken
Each road I travel, I’ve grabbed me a token
I’m sarcastic intense and bitingly rash
Every memorable mountain I’ll tuck under my sash
I’ll commandeer Nature’s bounty right down to the marsh
Because that’s my ploy because I’m a biker so harsh

All the names you can call me I don’t care ‘bout to hide!
‘Cause I’m just a free born biker and it’s all about the ride!

I’m not careless, but determined, foolish and bold
But determined to ride until I’m too old!

But you can call me names but one day you’ll see
A biker exemplifies freedom, and there’s a lot more out there like me


by: Betsy E Lister a/k/a
© Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

Majesties call us again
You by my side
We take to the open road
The hot summer's sun
Beaming warmth on our backs
Wind embracing our faces
Hair whipping wildly
Like that of an untamed paintbrush
Splashing vivid color on canvas

The melody of the engines hum
Strikes a symphony upon the air
Crescendo of pipes roars
It's orchestration at it's finest
A ballet on wheels
Rolling hills and countryside
The backdrop superb and sublime

We couldn't have painted it better

God provided
Guardian Angels enabled
Mother Nature endowed

You wink
I smile
As we explore each mile
In sync
In tune
with the essence
and splendor of it all

Another revolving vista
Wide open adventure
The enticing lure of the road
The rolling and winding of endless landscape
The thrill of the unknown
Never before experienced
shared together

Our rhythm and rhyme
The melody entwines

Together we ride
You and me
Side by Side

You and me
On the brink
In Sync

In the Wind


I Gotta Do(I Gotta Do page 1)
© by Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@

My wild younger days
are catching up with me
I done gone way past
 the age of 53
I’m about as washed up
as a woman could be
But I put on a smile, a smile outside
‘ Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

My body aches;
it suffers from the cold
My bones these days
are feeling mighty old
And my muscles now have
a mind of their own
But I don’t pay it all no mind
‘ Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

My wrist’s in a wrap
My hip’s in a cast
I done broke my foot,
this summer past
My back’s a brace
My arm’s in a sling
I’m told I shouldn’t do
much of anything
Behind that statement you know
I won’t hide
“Cuz I gotta do, what I got to, to ride!

Hell, if I were the tin man
My joints they’d be rust
The rest of me would
Make a nice bronze bust
That’s as sedentary as the doc’s say
I should be
But they just don’t know
What’s goin’ on
inside me
So I just take it all in;
all in stride
‘Cuz I gotta do, what I got to, to ride.
(I Gotta Do page 2)

I’ve left along the way
Some bodily parts
Some’s been donated
To savings the arts
So with what’s left
I’ll hold onto;
hold onto inside
Cuz’ I gotta do, what I got to, to ride.

Liquid libation
gives me duration
And I can wear a brace
and ski mask my face
I can don mittens and woolens
And be all warm inside
‘Cuz I gotta do, what I got to, to ride!

Well, on days I be hurting
And feeling a bit ill
I know I can pop me
Another one of them special pills
That sure nuff gonna give me,
Give me the will to survive
“Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Well the doc’s say I’m pure loco
Done gone lost my sense
Hell, it’s like I fell
on the other side of the fence
But I pick myself up
Like a new born bride
“Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Well done gone lost my body
And now some say, my mind
People be a talking
And say I’m “that kind”
The type that be crazy
And should be locked up
But I let um know
that I’m just a young pup
And keep them in kind
“Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Well you can say(I Gotta Do page 3)
what you want to
Hell; even mean what you say
But I’ll just get on my scoot
And ride away
And I won’t look back
And with that keep my pride
“Cuz I gotta do what I got to, to ride!

Less Traveled

© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

A starry night
A sunshiny day
A smile upon your face
And a less traveled way…..

A ride
Side by Side

Hands clasped together
On a distant shore
One last wish….
That there was more

MOTM Fond memories
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

At the Meeting of the Minds
Better bikers you'll never find
The people that I met
Are the greatest fighters yet!
I felt so honored to be present
With so many living legends
I just wish we could improve
And out 'there' the apathy move
So others would join the fight
Because they know it's right

This weekend we shared our thoughts
Ways to improve our rights were taught
And everyone had a say
Throughout the entire day
Many awards were given
To those who had risen
To the next plateau of the cause
Receiving a thunderous applause
I tell y'all this and share
With those that weren't there
Because there's such a sense of pride
Amongst those of us who ride

A mere three hundred folk
Fought, shared, cried and joked
And raised a ton of money!
Ninety-six thousand dollars, honey!

Deep pockets all around
Donations did abound
But the richest part of all
Was when the auctioneer did call
"Tonight we have a special token
Of a brother that was broken
And taken from us too soon
Let's take this bidding to the moon!"

The emcee then did commence
The honorable remembrance
Of President Buck Kittredge
I'm glad I had the privilege
Of actually being there
When the spokesman did declare
Him a staunch stalwart fighter
An emotional cause igniter
A leader of strength and dignitary
Who went far beyond being ordinary

The entire weekend was based
Protecting the freedoms he chased
We were there to carry on
So what he lived for wouldn't be gone
As raffles items did sell
Emotions began to swell
Through his family's strife
But to epitomize his life
They donated his item most prized
To everyone's surprise!
When Buck's buckle and his belt
Were raffled off it felt
As if the ceiling would blow
From the heartfelt glow
John Bolin and friends then hollered
"We'll bid three thousand dollars"
The soulful feeling
Sent the whole room reeling!
No sooner had he paid
The prize he took and laid
In the lap of Buck's young son
Tears rose in everyone!
He said in a voice that quivered
"Your dad would want this delivered
And to be passed unto you
I know this to be true"

I can't begin to tell
How everyone’s tears did swell
And mirrored those of mine
Bitter-sweet feelings oh so fine
Never ever before have I
Felt so privileged to cry
In front of a cast of many
Dry eyes there just weren't any!

So many grand ideas
Were shared as well as fears
It was my first MOTM
But you can bet I'll go again.

With HIPPA and the EPA breathing
Down our backs our rights are leaving
If three hundred can bond and save
An organization from its grave
Imagine what thousands could do
Now I'm requesting all of you
To get totally involved
So our freedoms can evolve

I came home to continue the fight
To saving bikers' rights
It's really a sad fact
That most of us only react
After a life is lost
That's truly too great a cost
Please get involved right now
We'll be by your side to show you how

Ode to the Fallen Biker
©Gypsypashn~~'~~,~<{@ 2/16/2005

Ode to the Fallen Biker
World traveler road hitchhiker
Whose lust and longing to enjoy life without strife
Took a wicked turn along the path of life

Inhaling the landscape while rolling along
Carefree and happy and singing a song
Shiny steel, leather and two wheels underneath
Just a hugging the gas tank setting snug like a sheath

Rounding the bends and the twists with such ease
Hair flurrying in the wind meshing with the breeze
This freeborn feeling no one else knows
Except for other riding sisters and bros

It’s empyreal out there on the open road
Thunder roaring in your ears it lightens your load
The world falls away all cares seem to wane
No earthly worries enjoying freedom’s flame

The road’s so inspiring the feelings enhanced
Two wheels, hilly asphalt and taking that chance
The fallen biker just out there enjoying the ride
Lost when a negligent cager -broke his stride

Gone his precious freedom, his passion, his pride
Sending him off on that eternal ride
His kin and friends now all ride alone
On that long lonesome road heading on home

He still rides in their shadow though they not see him there
Cuz you can’t kill his spirit it’s still everywhere!
He’ll live evermore in the minds of family and friends
‘Til it’s their time to join him, and their life’s journey ends

When they’re all gone and fallen they’ll rest in God’s hands
And all ride on forever, cause that’s a biker’s plan


Oh How They Ride
© Betsy E Lister a/k/a Gypsypashn---‘--,--<{@

Riders wallow
In HOG Hallow
Each machine shiny and chromed
Topped by a rider that’s domed

They line up in perfect succession
To commence orderly procession
Staggered one to the left, and one to the right.
Neatly packaged parading, a length into the night

They ride for charity
Hearts open filled with clarity
Each rider donates $20.00
With hundreds it adds up plenty

Spectators abound
Their ears perked to the sound
The unmistakable rumble
Leaves little to grumble
Stretched out for miles
Passing spectator’s smiles
And thunderous applause
They ride – for a good cause

Once the procession passes by
And their destination they spy
They’ll alit their steeds and partake
In a boisterous party, for the charity’s sake

50/50’s and raffles abound
a band playing the “biker sound”
Food galore all plates to fill
the fare is one- that fits the bill

After the event, at the end of the day
they’ll mount their motorcycles and ride away
Feel a sense of pride for assisting others
That’s the way it is- for riding sisters and brothers!
Biker Rant #II
Political puppets sit in air-conditioned offices
Dotting I’s and crossing T’s
on the latest report
Preparing manipulated figures behind a snicker
demographic studies so unjust
enough to cause terminal indigestion
to any actuary viewing

But present they must
these embellished falsifications
Answering to jaded apron strings
Justifying the dollar signs on their paycheck

Oh, they sleep well at night
their families protected
but we
their peers, the pillars of the community,
their constituents, their mothers, daughters,
fathers, sons and
business owners have no say,
sleep a light pillow
with no rights

have a one in 15 chance of meeting
on the highway
while they covet the truth
protected by pillared cubicles
their lies
protect us with safety equipment
that has failed testing
and it’s for our own good
so they say

Add an extra zero to their salary
Add another zero to our numbers
you get the picture;
shattered limbs line the streets
and no one cares
most accidents happen within
a mile from home
And ours
are just more likely
the odds stacked against us
Fifteen to one that an uneducated
driver may not pay attention,
not afford us the courtesy,
may pick up a cell phone
whose eyes may leave the road
for one split second;
that’s all it takes
to kill us,
one split second
which can’t be called back

We are not safe
in this war zone controlled
under the label
of the Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau
Where no safety exists
Bloodshed spills into the gutters
where our twisted dying bodies
get thrown to

Their blinders
can’t see
our light of day
Neither can the other 4.25 MILLION
Who travel our thoroughfares
with no safeguards in place
and no one really seems to care
and figureheads turn blind eyes
and deaf ears
to us

We will die
out there
One by one
we are picked off
Guilty of exercising a passion of travel,
Nothing more
No rules broken here
Just no rights
To pursue our happiness
Tunnel vision doesn’t care
It sleeps well at night
safe in the confines
of bureaucracy
But not we
nor our loved ones
Each day we get
a little closer to death
not by our own hand either
By theirs
Our blood will stain their hands
They will wish they heeded the message
Education works
everywhere else
but here

We need a change
and need it fast
Our numbers grow
but diminish daily
by senseless uncalled for ignorance

When will they listen?
When will the bloodshed stop?
When will department heads
take responsibility for their apathy?
When will the truth be known?
When will we be safe?


I really hate to say this
and find it a bit crass…
But if you ride motorcycles
and value your ass
My advise is….
move out of MASS!!
You’ll be a lot safer
On another state’s grass!!

Biker Rant #III
Venting!! 6/6/01

Safe in the confines of suburbia
Or am I?

When my Queen of the Road
is cut off by cagers
looking the other way
with cellphones
growing out of their ears
attached to an arm
that extends to a hand
that should be firmly placed
on the steering wheel.
I get angry!

That's right,
don't look in THIS direction....
from your side street
onto main thoroughfare
and on two wheels;
but whatever you do,
Hang on that last word
Don't lose the conversation....
oh how important it must be!!

And hey by the way!
Ten points
for taking out the biker!!

Yes, Mary bought a new dress
Sandy had words with her honey
and oh yeah
Gypsy was run off the road!!
Let me call someone and tell them
Right now!!
While I'm driving.....

She was minding her own business
heard she had the right of way
just trying to get to work,
some idiot on a squawk box
took her out
Did you hear?
What will they tell her son,
her family, and friends?
Oh hold on, I got another call coming in....

Idle gossip rules the world
is sacred any more

People no longer go to the church
for the wedding
It's not fashionable
to watch a couple exchange vows
But... go to the reception
and partake of the festivities
with phone attachments
replacing earrings
It's the latest rage....
The new wave mania

Gotten to the point
where everyone; even little kids
have phones growing
out of their ears
these days....
I know I'm rambling here
but paying attention
still focused
on the road

Sardine cans
with wheels
all hustling to work
not noticing the gal
on her motorcycle
She's invisible to them
while they're
yakking away on portable
gossip gaggling devises

There oughtta be a law!!

Go ahead, run her off,
she's only a biker anyway
that she's somebody's mother
A pillar of the community
A businessowner
and homeowner
my neighbor,
my friend.
She's on a bike
and I'm on a phone
in a car
has more rights
of the road
than she does!!

Isn't it written that way
in the driver's manual?
Where does it say
that a motorcyclist has the
same rights as I do?

Safe, in the confines of suburbia?
I don't think so

My horn
is not loud enough
Nor is my mouth
They're not startled
or rattled
into putting down
their gossipboxes
They're too engulfed
in idle chat

I'm frustrated!!!
It's a losing battle!!!

Attempts to get
local government
and educate the public
have failed......

I'm doomed in Suburbia
and probably DEAD
in the City
should I choose to ride there

I want government
to hear me...
I want the chatters to drop
their ear apparel,
put both hands on the wheel
and pay attention.
But it isn't gonna happen
anytime soon.
I essentially have
no rights
and will probably die
like my predecessors
out there on the road.....

nothing seems safe
or sacred anymore!!

There really ought to be
some changes made!

Hope I live long enough!!


The Biker's Plight

© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

It really gets me riled
When I see data compiled
That isn't fully informative in nature
And demeaning to bikers in stature
We motorcyclists get dealt a lot of bull
Politicians fill their belts so full
And ram it down the throats of us and others
When in reality we're their sisters and brothers
Ne'er in society will you find a group
More willing to help those afflicted recoup
Or those less fortunate to find a way
Asking nothing more than a thank you any day
We give from our hearts and pockets til they've run dry
And the poles slam us over again, and we wonder why?
They'll ask us to escort their innaugaral parade
Then after the festivities our glory will fade
They'll forget about how we supported their personal pride
And step on our rights and our freedom to ride
Our numbers get stronger each and every day
We're their constituents and neighbors, wish they'd see it that way
If they knew how many of us both ride and vote
They'd be sending letters of apology and on us they'd dote
I see this over and over and time again
And wonder when it's all going to end

If you ride and say nothing and aloud do not speak
Then you're as much a part of the problem as the solution we seek

Tick Tock Time
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@
Tick Tock Time
Rhythm and Rhyme
Each hour
Bellowed chime
Time on the move
We stand still
Another day
We've wasted away
At the bottom of the hill
Time to pack up
And take charge of will
Keep on riding on
Forward still

Call me out of Thunder
Wrap-style storm my sky
Dip me over the edge
Of a new front page horizon
Strain the silt
that ravages my body
Replace it with your love
Hold me tight
Don't Let Go!
The desert
June 2008
© Gypsypashn~~’~~,~~<{@
Mistress desert though tempting she be
T'is a living hell for riders you see
Ol' man sun scorches the bridge of your nose
There's no place to cool off, no pool, no hose
The heat is relentless triple digits it be
drinking water turns to the temperature of pee
There's no mile markers
No signs of life
No shade
No cell phone reception
You're in fear for your life
There's no gas stations
no cities or towns
just never ending horizons
and barren land abound
What if you break down?
Where from the sun and heat can you hide?
There's no place for shelter
No where to go inside.
No shrubbery for shade
No pilons or bridges
No pink lemonade
No fresh food, no fridges
The heat wears you down
and takes its toll
dampens your spirits
it drains your soul
Winding roads
bring mirages to sight
There seems no end
It trails on into the night
Even bugs can't survive there
no pleasure they take
I'm told though life survives there
but just venomous snakes!
So if you are tempted
To the desert go ride
Be sure to pack plenty
along for the ride!
Where oh where is Spring?
Betsy E Lister
© Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@


Oh where oh where is Sping?
Oh where is the warmth it brings?
Instead of out riding
We’re in the house hiding
Oh where oh where is Spring?

Each and every day
We get on my knees and pray
For the sun to show its face
And brighten this dingy place
Oh where oh where is Spring?

In April there's snow
So how do we know
That Mother Nature will honor
Spring around the corner?
Oh where oh where is Spring?

Our bikes they reside
And in the garage hide
It's gotten real dusty
The air in there's musty
Oh where oh where is Spring?

We can't take anymore
This weather deplore
We need to head South
Near the river mouth
Oh where oh where is Spring?

We’re saddened of course
By nature's source
That winter won't go away
And forever we'll say
Oh where oh where is Spring?

Spring's displaced sun
Has come undone
There's no clear highway
Or riding byway
Oh where oh where is Spring?

Just heard the forecast
This winter won't last
We'll finally get outside
And on our bikes we'll ride
The sun will come to stay
And we'll be able to say
It's finally finally Spring!
And finally:
My quotes….

When life becomes a living hell, the best revenge is living well.
Betsy E Lister
© Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@

============================================== ===============
"Survival is the triumph of stubbornness, and
supreme stubbornness, a sublime stupidity, is what makes the
occupation of bikers rights endure"

"Apathy is the non-confrontational complacency of the masses wallowing in their sesspool stink of smart idleness"

Betsy E Lister 1/30/2003
© Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@


Wisdom of the tongue is best served with a spoon instead of a fork

Betsy E Lister

Patience sometimes is a difficult bedfellow when it sleeps next to anxiety.
Feb 1 2003
Betsy E Lister
© Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@
= = = = =

So until the road’s next turn
And the ride’s next yearn
To the miles yet unrode
And the tales yet untold
May we meet on two wheels
At the next bend in the road!
Betsy E Lister 1/19/2008
© Gypsypashn~~'~~,~~<{@






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