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Hey Hey Boston
© by Gypsypashn ~~’~~,~~<{@
Betsy E Lister   8/16/2009

Hey Hey Boston
Bet you’re pretty proud
Targeting motorcycles
you think are really loud

Hey hey Boston
You went about it wrong
And you’ll be left to sing
The loser’s symphonic song

It’s not our throaty rumble
Or the noise upon your ear
You’ve chosen an EPA stamp
to ticket what you don’t hear?

A protection for the manufacturer
with no consumer rights to its name
We can’t figure why you’ve chosen it
to win your money game

Three people out of thousands
complained about the noise
And in a week and a half
legislation was passed by your “boys”.

Two are noted trouble makers
whose voices are always heard
At each and every meeting
Now isn’t that just absurd!

Never has legislation been passed
so fast in Boston’s history
Why it’s against us motorcyclists
to us is surely no mystery.

But hey, hey Boston
Bet you didn’t think
that we motorcyclists would rally
And push the issue to the brink

But rally now we did
and turned the tables round
Now it’s the councilors of Boston
trying to keep ground

So hey now Boston
Guess it’s not so funny
That the $300.00 fine
won’t bring Boston any money

The ordinance’s repugnant
in Court this we’ll refute
The judge has already decided
To reimburse us if it’s moot

You won’t have bikers’ funds
To boost your deficit
Instead you’ll have to pay us
With monies you don’t have yet

We’ll take our motorcycle money
To other communities
Your vendors will not benefit
From all our amenities

History does show us
and literature does tell
that motorcyclists are citizens
and can work the system well

We’ll meet in your arena
and we’ll play by all your rules
and when we’re done… hey Boston
the councilors will look like fools!

So discriminate against us
as you will… “because you can”
But please know that in the end
We’ll come out the better “man”!

Your ordinance is illegal
Is null after a year
or 3730 miles of ownership
Oh, this, you didn’t hear?

Oh and is an officer going to check
The odometer and age
While affixing a $300.00 ticket
to the motorcycle’s cage?

Hmmm… too bad hey now, hey Boston
Because you blew it from the gate
And bikers now will revel
When you realize it’s too late!

So, hey now Boston,
Still think you’re proud
When our attorneys make you scramble
To define how an etching’s not loud.

So hey now Boston,
Hear us when we leave
there are other cities to visit than Boston
And there we’ll ride to take reprieve.

So hey all ye Mass riders
Ride on while all ye can
and let’s fight for freedom from Boston
Let’s fight, “because we can”!




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