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Never Enough

I rode red metallic joy today-
120 horsepower
surging into the wind,
molding me to the sleek frame
of the bike
and my leather clad pilot,
the temporary master
of my fate.
The road sang to me
as we accelerated,
my skin inhaling lilacs
and roses
country grasses
an impossibly brilliant
shade of green;
horses and deer
appearing out of nowhere
in electric flashes of color,
and then disappearing.
The river spread out below us,
a dancing tapestry of light
as we idled by,
slow and rhythmic
the deep revving of the motor
lulling me into a state of peace
and calm
an almost somnolent surrender
as I relaxed into the leather
part of the bike
part of the movement
one with the world
calling your name


Submitted by: Jody Kristine Johnson



living the life
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